Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Prophetic Dates are Dangerous Things - the END is NEAR - SOON

Over the weekend the expiration of the Word Chuck Pierce had given came to a head. He said prophetically:

Watch for an economic shift by the end of this month. Between August 24 and October 17, there will be great changes in the financial system. Be aware that the banking system has not finished making its changes. We will start into an accelerated shift in structure. The government is in an open rearrangement.

Keep the Oil in Your Lamp Ready

The Lord says, "You have brought the enemy into this land and allowed the enemy to amass his troops. You have allowed the enemy to come in and develop a philosophy, a mindset, and an army. Now you must move and gather in new ways.

Did it happen. Is it happening. Did the world come to a halt on Oct 17? I'm convinced that there is truth in his prophecy. My concern is the date. I believe Prophets should stick to what and not when.

Of course it's always understood thru a rear view mirror.

Like the word I got about the first two weeks of October. It seems like the potential for Islamic attack didn't happen. or did it? Or did God attack Islam?

I know prophetically this is a season of TEN. A season when God is about about to draw people back (ten lost tribes), take people out of their bondage (ten plagues leading to the Exodus) and give fresh instruction (ten commandments). Look at all the tens in the Word of God. Ten Virgins waiting. Ten Leper's healed. Tens are everywhere and in this year of TEN we can look to them to inform the plans of God in our life.

They apply this season, this year.

Thank God for his Season of Grace. It's being poured out.

I just won't and can't put a hard date on it. Just what not when.


Ron McK said...
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Ron McK said...

Great changes in the financial system" and "government in open rearrangement" is a very vague message, so the date is a bit irrelevant.

Vague prophecies with precise timing are not much better than precise prophecies with vague timing.

No one knows whether they have been fulfilled, so God is not honoured.

On the other hand, no one can say the prophecy has not been fulfilled, so the prophet cannot be mocked.