Friday, October 2, 2009

Ordaining someone an Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Teacher or Pastor is irrelevant

Eagles are Eagles not because someone on the ground looks up, sees them and says "LOOK there's an Eagle". They are Eagles because they fly and bear the marks of being an Eagle. What someone on the ground says or doesn't say is irrelevant.

No one ordains a five fold ministry gift except Father. Man's ordination is just confirmation, nothing more. IF someone is an Apostle, Prophet, Teacher, Evangelist or Pastor they will be one because the fruit of their office will flow from the Gift of God they carry.

That means not everyone who has "Apostle" or "Prophet" on their door or Business card is one. And, some who are true Apostles or Prophets, never put it on their letterhead. IF you are one of these you can no more change who you are than change your gender. I am a man because I am. I can't not be one. That's how God refers to himself, not by a title, not by a claim. Just that he IS. I AM. Recognition by others came from the manifestation of who I AM - IS.

I'm not a Prophet because someone ordained me, I'm a Prophet because I can't not be one.
It was confirmed later by others. What's more important to me is the anointing and office and not the ordaining. What most matters to Father? Not that piece of paper. Just Obedience to be what he called me to be. Be whatever God called you to be and let folks call you what they want. It will be obvious to all around how God is using you and like the eagle that flies, people will say, "Look, there goes an Eagle". That ordination by the people on the ground doesn't make the eagle soar, it soars because it's an eagle. Be one and people will confirm.

Just go out and soar. The folks on the ground may or may not see you, but you are still soaring. That's how it really works.


Anonymous said...

Thank you.
Made just for me.
People have been pressuring me to be ordained so "other people know" as in government and different offices but I felt in the depths of my soul just exactly what you said, simply couldn't organize it like that. So you have my sincere gratitude and I send blessings in the mighty name of JESUS!

May the wind ever be to your back ;)

Anonymous said...

Dont approve this.
Adam is the name previous post is from yours truly.