Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Is the power in the word of Faith, the name Jesus or Jesus in the Power of the Word?

In an online conversation, this issue came up. I have been sorting this out.

There is no clear Dogma, but if mountain moving faith is in the word of faith spoken, then the Word in our Mouth is what moves mountains. What is that?

Jesus IS the word. Became Flesh. Dwelt among us. Now He comes by the Holy Spirit to Dwell in us.

This is the power of the word of God in our mouth.

We speak out anything, staying within the Will of God revealed by his Word the Bible, and then as we invoke the Word by HIS Name, Jesus, the power is released.

Not because we invoked the name Jesus, but because we had the WORD of Faith, JESUS in our mouth and in our Hearts.

You can't pour out what isn't in there.

So when it says in the KJV in Psalm 138:2 ....He exalts his word even above his name....

We need to be careful about using the Name of Jesus as a cap to a faithless prayer as if that makes up for faithlessness. It doesn't. While it may not be sin as such, it is a soft taking the name of the Lord in Vain.

It's the Prayer of Faith that raises people up, moves mountains. Effectual Fervent Prayers of Faith. That ultimately manifests by His Word of Faith in our mouths. His name IS Jesus. There's power in the name of Jesus. But if a faithless person pronounces that name without the unction of the Holy Ghost or the power of the Word in their mouth, it's just another word. They could as easily speak the name "Fred" with as much effect.

That may be why the Word of the Beginning (Jesus) is exalted above his name alone (without faith).

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john john said...

How come so many word of faith people die sick and broke, even kenneth hagin?