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THIS is a prophetic word the Lord gave me as well in the last few days... I think we are Josephs with Larders of HOPE to offer in a Famine

"The Lord is Raising Up Quartermaster Generals to Bring a Prophetic Perspective of Hope"
by Bob Hartley
Oct 9, 2009

The following are progressive revelations that came to me through visitations from the Lord in recent months. In one such encounter, I was behind a big dark cloud with a group of people; some were "Daniels" and "Josephs." This dark cloud represented the challenges of the day. These people were called to be "Hope Reformers," however everywhere they looked ahead of them, they couldn't see through the fog and were not able to perceive solutions. As a result, they felt hopelessness and were overwhelmed because it felt like they could not get ahead.

In the encounter, I also saw many prophets in the cloud prophesying; even though they were stating true facts or circumstances, they were not seeing or prophesying the answer in Him. Therefore, they were not to prophesy according to their discernment in the dark cloud, but to move ahead of the dark cloud, and here was how from the dream: those in the dream had to make a choice of whether to focus on the black cloud or to focus on His Eyes. There were angels waiting to help them to focus on God's eyes. There was a supernatural breakthrough that would come through MIRACLES, NEW GRACES and NEW MANTLES to give them supply and the ability to be catapulted ahead of this dark cloud—where they had the best! They then would receive the ability to "sing the song of hope."

LOST and FINDING of Supply and Calling of Quartermaster Generals

What would it take for the Daniels and Josephs to move forward? First, the Lord showed me that they were in this cloud because they had lost their supply of hope. The Lord called it the "lost and finding of supply." This was very important because He wanted them to understand how to regain supply in the future when the enemy tried to cut it off. He said it was like the beaches of Normandy, when many were out in front, fighting on the front lines, and the enemy had come from behind and cut off their "source of supply" of hope, both spiritually and practically. The black cloud had tried to create a "loss of supply" of the nearness and perspective of God and His true supply.

In answer to this loss of supply, the Lord is raising up the QUARTERMASTER GENERALS who would reopen spiritual supply lines of true hope for those fighting on the front lines. They would be able to open up the supply line of God's heart. These would not be satisfied with salvation, but would push for discipleship and transformation of nations. They would help people get their true hope and dreams back in the place of prayer, with freedom from negative emotions that keep us from hearing God clearly and with confidence.

The Quartermaster Generals were PATRIARCHS and MATRIARCHS who brought a prophetic perspective of hope and magnified God, versus the demonic influence. Their prophetic perspective was not about prophesying out of pain or discouragement, but through hopeful and abundant life views that magnify the person of Christ. Strength would be released when this hope was apprehended!

They helped to bring forth a true and hopeful balance of what overcoming Christianity was to look like. They were true MOTHERS and FATHERS that would give out true versus false hope. They had hope for the people, for the next generation, and for cities and nations that would abound.

The Quartermaster Generals would be like Jesus and help open up the supply of God's heart. This reflected God's nature. Jesus spoke to me that they were not "fatalists" but more than conquerors; where sin and lack increased, grace and abundance would increase even more.

Romans 5:20, ...but where sin increased, grace abounded all the more...

Isaiah 60:2-3, For behold, darkness will cover the earth, and deep darkness the peoples; but the LORD will rise upon you and His glory will appear upon you. Nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your rising.

Quartermaster Generals would bring a "true definition of biblical hope" into all arenas of life. We must look to the appropriate supply of hope, or we would, as church and marketplace leaders and Quartermaster Generals, fuel offense and cause people to be dependent on wrong hopes.

First, I saw that these leaders needed to get a hold of TRUE BIBLICAL HOPE to avoid becoming offended at God. There are age old, historic roots of false hope in people (down to their toes) and they would be plucked out with Holy Ghost perspective and power encounters. True liberation and more of God than we could ever imagine in the marketplace would be brought forth with God's true hopes.

In the dream, I saw many that would walk in the doors of who God is in the different arenas of life—economical, political, educational arenas—with God's true hopes. I saw people that would get ahead of the "clouds" and be filled with "beautiful laughter."

Then, in the dream, these reformers had a choice to be injected with false hopes and the dark cloud or to be injected with MIRACLES and NEW GRACES or MANTLES that had been given to reformers of the past. Those who chose God's remedy were able to break through the cloud and fog, and the light of His presence came pouring in, and because of this, I saw the Samuels released to put the Davids in place. This represents the ability to hear in order to raise up and anoint the future kings—the next generation of Godly leaders. God caused them to go from SHEEP to WARHORSES and be "Discoverers of God" and "Reformers of Cities and Nations." They were then able to be Issacharians who could see clearly and discern the times, to lead others into true biblical hope and faith.

Miracles and Mantles

Here's some of the miracles I saw being injected into these reformers:

1. Miracle of Daniel 6—Hopeful, heartfelt prayer that leads to hope in God. Like Daniel, this is a miracle where he could pray three times a day and connect in a meaningful way with the Lord to where his heart burned for God; he had delectable feelings and a transformed perspective. This was the miracle of releasing the sons of Jacob—those who would wrestle for their inheritance in God; that could pray and prevail.

2. Miracle of Daniel 2:20-23—Hearing the voice of the Lord on another level—the miracle, like Daniel, of hearing God like a patriarch or a matriarch, filled with perspective and given a sense of where they are at, where they are to go, and how they are to get there (Issacharian miracle). This would bring about inventions.

3. Miracle of Daniel 2:17—Marvelous comrades and building together. Daniel was a man of excellence, but at the deepest levels he was really afraid. The king had threatened to take away Daniel's life if he did not interpret the king's dream correctly. I dreamt that Daniel really wanted to give up and accuse God. He wanted to run away! If Daniel wouldn't have had Marvelous Comrades at the deepest levels praying him through, he wouldn't have made it. He had been seen at his worst, in his most broken places, and they still believed in the calling on his life!

4. Miracle of Daniel 1:17—Learning about who God is in every facet of life. This miracle would bring forth a "healed and expanded view" of God in the marketplace and in all of life (see Ezekiel 36:23). The Daniel lifestyle of "loving to learn" would begin to transform minds within the marketplace as they saw God in places they had not seen Him before (see Romans 12:2).

Here are some of the mantles that were being put on these reformers:

1. Brother Lawrence—Constant communion with God in all of life. Exceedingly above all that we could ask or think! Super provision! God's outcomes and dreams are the greatest!

2. Gideon—The mantle to overcome the devil. The military leader of a small force of 300 Israelites, whom God used to rout the Midianites. Even the least in the Kingdom of God are of use to Him (1 Corinthians 12:14-26).

3. Nehemiah—Mantle of a City Builder and a Destiny Reformer. Deep piety and prayer; leadership and organizational ability; compassion for his people; impeccable integrity.

4. William Carey—The mantle of valuing people (families, callings, destinies); transforming culture.

5. Abraham Kuyper—The mantle to see the God of all of life; rebuilding education.

6. Nielson Hauge—The mantle of the best view in town; going from the earthly to the heavenly view.

7. Martin Luther—The mantle of a new idea; going from duty to grace.

8. John Calvin—The mantle of work as worship.

Symphony of Hope and "AA" Programs

After these reformers broke through the cloud, they became a symphony of hope—those who'd "sing the song of wisdom" over their cities and over the nations. They were heart hearers who began to hear in a new way on their instruments and became very skilled. They would listen and hear new paradigms and be able to put other instruments in place and understand the importance of other instruments and their need for each other.

I saw these going to other cities and nations and bringing forth great symphonies of hope. Their primary challenge was that they felt they were not good enough. Yet God had hand-picked them! To get into this hope, they needed to get in an AA program, according to Psalm 27 of "Adoring" and "Asking"—not meant to be a one-time fix-all but a constant, daily feeding.

"Adoration" is identifying the specific face of God that they are to discern in this season of their life and be able to magnify and adore Him in the place of their deepest groan. It is understanding His heart. "Asking" is the inquiring of Him with the right questions at the right time. It is illegal to move forward out of the "unanswered questions," and so we must only move forward in the revelation He has given. It is time to "dust ourselves off" from the spirit of despair and doubt, for the Lord says, "It is time for promises to be fulfilled." ASK AGAIN! It is time to dust off our old promises, hopes and dreams, and begin to believe them freshly, and ask with a new confidence, attitude and view in Him.

This Year We Win

The Lord kept saying that from this September to next September: "THIS YEAR WE WIN...THIS YEAR WE WIN!" God showed me that true, biblical hope is the confidence in God that knows and understands that with God we win no matter what. God is calling forth Patriarchs and Matriarchs of true hope. Truth is not wishful thinking. Truth is having hope in the right things.

Are we going to be spared from trials, tribulations and persecutions? NO! Jesus told us in John 16:33, "...In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world." Trials and tribulations produce perfect fruit and are the gold of our character—the internal gold that we can give Him. This is the fruit of the Spirit, and when we see Him face to face, we will offer Him our faith, hope and love, those things that remain. No matter what comes our way, we can put our hope and trust in God and know with confidence that He is working all things together for our good and His glory. With God, WE WIN NO MATTER WHAT!

And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.—Romans 8:28

Cities and Nations that Would Love God Well

In 1983, I asked the Lord, "God, what are Your heart's desires?" The Lord spoke to me about His desire to see His name vindicated, as in Ezekiel 36:23. He gave the answer to me in an open vision in a stairwell in Fort Collins, Colorado, about God's desire to see cities and nations come forth that would love Him well and would have hope for the next generation (see Deuteronomy 6:10—the Lord desires to give us "splendid cities").

As a Kingdom company, we have been given a mandate by the Lord to "rid the earth of despair" and bring forth the great treasure of hope in God in this generation. I have had dreams and encounters from the Lord for over 25 years regarding this "call to hope." Our hearts burn to see men and women, boys and girls from all walks of life, able to face the challenges of the day with a firm faith and hope that God is bigger than any circumstance, and that with Him on our side, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

A golden treasure: the Lord showed me that hope in God is a golden treasure that has been buried for thousands of years, as in Isaiah 45:3, that the Lord wants to release to us in this time. There is a great battle at hand to break the power of the Idol of Despair, and to release a true and powerful hope in God that shatters doubt, fear and cynicism, breaking through the clouds of hopelessness with the light of His presence. It is a daily choice to live out a life of HOPE, but it is the inheritance of every Believer. It is the desire of the Father that every person lives with the anticipation of good from God in every arena of life, not just in mind knowledge, but from the heart.

Hope Reformers and City Builders: In a vision, I saw specific cities and nations of the earth that were to love Jesus well. I saw many "City Builders" or "Hope Reformers" who were to "sing the song of wisdom and hope" in all arenas of life and rebuild cities that love God well. I knew that I was to hear God's heart for (and with) others, to help equip City Builders of Hope with advanced tools to help them succeed in rebuilding their cities, while helping them discover the "Forgotten Faces of God" in every arena of life (see Psalm 24). They would also walk into prayer with authority. Psalm 24:7-10 is describing David bringing in the ark of the presence into ALL the gates of the city, announcing to the city the God of all of life, His leadership over every arena and avenue of the city.

Inquiring in His Temple

The chief advance tool He wanted to give us in this next season is the reality of Psalm 27, not only sitting at His feet and gazing at His beauty, but also inquiring of Him in His temple. The One thing of Psalm 27:4 is actually two things. It begins with seeing Him for who He is and adoring Him, but also moving into a place of dialogue and friendship with Him, seeking out the pearls of His wisdom, and inquiring of Him regarding His heart for us, for others, and for cities and nations. This place of inquiry is the "Counsel Table of the Lord." The Lord is inviting us into this place and has laid out a path for us to get there. This is the "Journey of Hope."

On September 1st, our team began embarking on this year-long journey together with our marvelous comrades around the globe! We will walk together, month by month, through this journey into the place of deep intimacy and friendship with the Lord. We are so excited to see how the Lord equips and trains each of us with a deep and powerful hope in Him that will transform cities and nations.

Bob Hartley
Deeper Waters Ministry

About Bob Hartley: Bob Hartley is the founder of Hartley Institute/Deeper Waters Ministry in Kansas City, Missouri, inspired through a dream the Lord gave to Bob more than a decade ago, where the Lord spoke that the "The Youth of this nation are diving into 'shallow waters' of the knowledge of God, and it is killing them!" Bob's heart is to take this generation deep into the knowledge of God through hopeful, heartfelt prayer and intimacy with the Lord, and opening up their ability to hear from His heart and partner with the God of All of Life in every arena and season of the soul.

Bob served as a pastor at Metro Christian Fellowship with Mike Bickle before entering the marketplace in 1983, with a vision to see the marketplace redeemed and cities established that value and love the person of Jesus. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of the Hartley Group, a "Hope Center" for the marketplace, consisting of Hartley's Executive Cleaning, Swift Chemicals & Supply, Prize Properties and H&H Management in Kansas City, Missouri. Bob is a frequent speaker to youth, churches, businesses and national leaders throughout America and the world. His quest has been to bring the Kingdom of God into every arena of life and give spiritual tools and equipping to those seeking to know and love God in the midst of their everyday lives. Currently, Bob resides in Kansas City with his wife and four children.

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