Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Last Move of God was the Wilderness!

I have posted this prophetic word for your review. IT'S true. But to understand it you must read between the lines.

Here is prophetic confirmation and clarity: This great harvest will come as people come to need hope in hopeless times. We are not yet as hopeless as we will need to be for a nation to turn to God in this way. Hopelessness will come as everything we have trusted is stripped away. Money, homes cars jobs and all security will be gone. This will be a long term thing. There will not be a turn around until 2015. After the collapse of society, government and the currency. People will discover that everything other than Jesus is false security. Fear not. Jesus is enough. We have the storehouses filled with hope.

That's what the desert time we have gone thru has taught us. Our HOPE IS BUILT ON NOTHING LESS. When hopelessness becomes epidemic, when the famine of hope is deepest, the living water and bread of life will be the only salvation. This time is of God. There will be reapers, cutting down the stalks with the scythe. Don't fear the reaper. The fields are white. It's harvest time.

The Last Move of God was the Wilderness!
Doug Addison

On September 8, 2009, I had a night vision in which I was taken to an aerial view of various parts of the world. I was shown massive lush grasslands that were teeming with new life. There were exotic plants and trees and I knew in my spirit that what I was seeing represented spiritual growth and a new movement from God that had come upon the earth to bring about a radical revival. Then suddenly a massive wave of destruction came behind the greenery consuming it and leaving a barren wasteland in its path. I watched in shock and felt disappointed and distressed at what I had witnessed. Then the audible voice of God spoke to me in the vision and said, “I released something new from Heaven, but my people were not ready for it so I had to bring a wilderness time to purge things from them that were not of me.”

As I woke from the experience a very strong presence of God was in my bedroom. The Holy Spirit spoke to me that God had planned the start of something new in 2005 that would bring about a new level of anointing that was intended to awaken a new revival. But because we were not ready for it, He changed it into a wilderness time instead. From 2005–2009 many people have been in a major time of purging, testing, and realignment. The wilderness experience from God is a necessary time to refine and prepare us.

Hosea 2:14–15 NIV
“Therefore I am now going to allure her; I will lead her into the desert and speak tenderly to her. There I will give her back her vineyards, and will make the Valley of Achor a door of hope … ”

Many promises from God that were intended for us beginning in 2005 have been delayed and are now being released. In our ministry, we were in Los Angeles around that time where we were starting a training and outreach center near Hollywood. We had been given a sizable grant when in 2005 it was if every door closed for us. Somewhat dismayed, we gave the grant back and moved to Moravian Falls, North Carolina for three years. We were literally placed in the wilderness (we lived in the woods of North Carolina) and we experienced a very difficult time with the ministry for those three years. During that time I had a very limited amount of influence and favor. Then in 2009, we were suddenly sent back to the West Coast to start a training center, this time in Santa Maria, California. Our house sold for a profit in the real estate decline and I am now beginning to operate in a greater prophetic and evangelistic anointing than before.

This is now a time of realignment and restarting for many people. There are prophetic words and promises that got sidetracked, delayed, and some are now void because of the sudden switch in the spirit brought by God. If you have gone through difficult and unclear times over the past few years, this may very well be the reason why. Had God allowed the new movement to come in the condition we were in, it may have destroyed us. We saw several examples of that over the past couple of years as many leaders quit, fell away from their callings, or were entangled in sin.

A time of awakening
The shaking that has happened was designed to bring a greater awakening. Throughout the month of September, I kept hearing a line from a song on the radio, “Wake me up when September ends.” This is a call going out from God right now about how He will be waking many people up in the month of October and the months to follow. This is a new time to press in to God and ask Him for more clarity. We will all see some type of answered prayer during this month. You will need to watch for it. Those who are not paying attention may miss this new time of God’s visitation. God is visiting our situations, our families, jobs, relationships, and ministries, and a trumpet blast is going out to call people to awaken! We will see some strange events in the months to come and a massive amount of sudden changes and turnarounds. If we stay centered on God, we will not be shaken and instead, we will be awaken and graduate to an entirely new level of spiritual maturity.

Check for yourself—go back and look at the year 2005 and see if anything unusual happened. Were you going one direction and then things switched and seemed to dry up? As I have asked people this question, I am hearing story after story of how God had made a promise or people even saw a new move of God start that suddenly got cut off.

This is what God is saying, “Just as suddenly as things changed and were cut off in 2005, I am now renewing and reviving situations—suddenly! I am parting the Red Sea once again and making the impossible possible. Watch me and give me glory as your life and ministry are restored and renewed in this very hour.”

Prayer: “God, awaken us to what you are doing in our lives right now. Give us eyes to see and ears that can hear what you are doing. Restore all that was lost and give us a greater vision for what you want to do in this hour. Amen.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Gene,

There is one line in this word that speaks volumes to me:

“I released something new from Heaven, but my people were not ready for it..."

This is indeed the truth and it is encouraging to me that people are perceiving it.

Ron McK said...

You should be careful about reading between the lines.

Your preface and Doug Addison’s interpretation seem to be describing quite different things, in terms of timing and purpose. Doug Addison is talking about Christians going through a dry time when nothing happens spiritually. That period began in 2005 and ended in September 2009. The purpose of the desert period is to make Christians hungry for more, so they will seek the new anointing that God is about to release.

You seem to be talking about the entire nation and a time economic pain that will not end until 2015, but will lead to a harvest. The purpose of this pain is shake the idols that people trust, so they will turn back to God. This seems to be quite different from Doug Addison’s interpretation.

Rather than reading between the lines, you seem to be suggesting that you have a better interpretation of Doug’s dream. This is plausible, as his interpretation seems to be shaped by his personal circumstances. It is odd that God would give a vision of desert experience, just when it is coming to an end. I would expect it before the desert experience started. Furthermore, I am not sure that Christians are any more ready now that they were in 2005, but it may be different in the US.

If you take his dream in isolation, an economic crisis wiping out the green shoots of recovery may be a more sensible interpretation.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with Blessed Economist but both are true. There was something that was not completed in 2005 that resulted in the 'dry' period and there is something happening NOW which is ending the dry period but ushering more economic difficulties.