Friday, October 23, 2009

HE is the WORD - By Jeffery Stewart

I am the Life of My People. I am My Word. I impart My Life daily into My People as they partake of My Word. You will live life as it is in Heaven when you eat of the Bread from Heaven. Man's words do not contain life. Just as bread is true food for your bodies, My Word is true food for your spirits. My Word will cause you to live life more abundantly. My Word will cause you to live a heavenly life in the earthly realm. Partake of My Word and people will see Heaven in your life, and want to get saved. For I have put My Whole Being within My Word, and as My People consume My Word, I become visible in their lives"

"My Spirit is spiritual water and My Word is spiritual bread. Your mind cannot fully understand this now, but you will later. Being full of My Spirit is associated with your mouth, praying in tongues. Being full of My Word is also associated with your mouth, saying My Word to yourself. I am in you, and You are in Me. When you partake of My Spirit and My Word, you partake of Me, allowing Me to operate through you. My Life flows through your being into the world around you. Living words come from the Heavenly realm into the Earthly realm through you and bless others. Words from My Throne proceed through your mouth, speaking hope to the world in the form of the Gospel, destroying the works of the enemy, decreeing My Will in the earthly realm. For you are my representatives on earth, My Royal Children, and as you partake of My Spirit and My Word, you will walk in the authority I intended for you to walk in"

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