Thursday, October 22, 2009

The presence of God in you or me will fill the atmosphere

There is a man who is in difficult circumstances that I visited today. He gets frustrated easily. Today he began to really go tilt on me. Began to swear.

I'm not a virgin in hearing off color words. I'm not alone.

I am certainly one of the foolish.

But as he virtually ranted and raved he caught himself and said, "I'm sorry Pastor".

I have never preached to him. He has never been part of any church meeting I have ever conducted. In fact I haven't really spoken of the ministry to him. I've just been me. I've just been true to who God made me.

In fact at that moment I was sitting all in work clothes, having just loaded a truck. I was actually sweaty. So, what caused him to check himself and feel like he had to apologise. It wasn't my disapproval. It wasn't my look. I didn't have one.

I believe that when we are just ourselves in the Holy Ghost like Peter the Apostle our shadow covers the atmosphere and changes things.

It did here.

My word for anyone reading this is you are placed where you are to be an Arrow of the Holy Ghost penetrating the darkness and bringing Light. Just being yourself in HIM is enough no matter where you are. And no matter where you are is where he placed you at that moment.

Be bold, be strong, for the LORD YOUR GOD is with YOU!

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