Tuesday, September 15, 2009

An Open Vision from Matt Royalty

The open vision I had today.

So I was getting some grocery's for the second time after church this morn,(i forgot the eggs)
as I walked into the forth row of the price chopper I looked down the isle in real time and space, and super imposed over what my eye's were seeing, was another image. I saw the people as they were standing there in real time and space, but the shelves were completely bare.

The image was just a brief second...almost like I had to do a double take ...I started to dismiss it then the dread and panic hit my spirit. This was not just a misfire of the synapse from my eye's to my brain, this was from God. As I stood there my strength began to leave my body and I had to grab a display to stay up right. All the color had left my face as the older brother in our Lord I was with looked at me with concern in his eyes. He came to my side and we began to pray in the Holy Spirit for understanding and strength to be granted. As I slowly regained the ability to move we finished our shopping and went back to my house with the eggs.

Continuing in prayer I received First Thess 5:3. And the Lord telling my we have hours not years, weeks and not months before He releases great and terrible judgment upon our Land.

For the past 4 or so years I have been seeing 9-11 everywhere. I have tried to dismiss it, but this has become a life message for me. Ezekiel chapter 9.

Judgment starts at the house of the Lord and only those who mourn the atrocities that are committed in the house of God receive the mark on their foreheads. Everyone else is slaughtered and their bodies are piled in the courts that once rang with praise.

I understand this is weighty and most of you don't know the personal anguish that has brought me to this place. I know this is a call to travail for God's Judgment mingled with mercy. For the justice of our God to be known far and wide. His name to be praised with reverence and awe.
The return of the fear of the Lord is upon us. His Glory and Presence are close behind.

I feel that this is fragmented and incomplete, but I am convinced that time is short and we are not all ready for what is about to be upon us.


God let the word of your mouth run swiftly over the land. " prepare and activate" are the words that resonate in my spirit. God lead us into your paths as we forsake our wisdom our kingdoms for your kingdom is so close.... it's at hand!!! O God have mercy. lead us out give us the courage to be separate and holy unto only you.

In the fear of the Lord I admonish you test these things by His word and Holy Spirit, buy oil loved ones.


I grant permission to share this as you see fit with those whom God would direct you to.


Sir Lawrence said...

Dear Bro.
I read your "Open Vision" last night, and I was tired and weary. It struck me then as a downer. I thought, "Dear Lord, what can I glean from this?" Honestly, sometimes I think maybe God will kill us all--is there none left in this country who are walking with God, and trying to please Him? This morning, though, after praying and praising our God, I read it again. I felt much better about it today. I don't understand this kind of vision completely however. I assume that it may be refering to some new kind of physical attack on our country--like 9-11. I pray for our President to get saved, and see the face of Jesus. I pray for God to move in our land again. I dare not give into despair. God help me please! I am just one small person, trying to walk humbly before my God. I don't know exactly what God is up to in our land--but I know it will be for our good! May God's will be done!
Sir Lawrence

Anonymous said...

The lack of easy life, quick food, cheap prices, etc is what will bring many to accept the false messiah's promise to restore to us the life we once knew. "For a little comfort, many will sell their souls".
Who a person turns to for their help will be revealed.