Thursday, April 16, 2009

Who Are These Self Appointed Pretenders?

I hear a lot of criticism from churchy types about people who hear from God and because of that do great and mighty exploits. They are criticized because they weren't somehow officially recognized by this or that eccesial authority or organization. Certainly there is authority within the organizations. If the Presbyterians recognize you, you can do with authority whatever Presbyterians want to have you do. If God recognizes and calls you, you can do with authority whatever God calls you to do.

I carry credentials. I get that. There is a place for worldly credentials. It's just far lower than the Calling of God.

What about those that God calls, by opportunity, anointing or audibly? The 1 Corinthian 12 spirituals are often given by opportunity. God calls his spirit filled believers who they are and when they are to a specific need. No ordination committee is formed to release the gift.

When this morning I contemplated all the examples in scripture where someone could have said that someone was self described, self appointed, self identified as if that's a bad thing I wonder what the headline might have been.

Mr Moses, a Shepherd by trade and rumored to be a fugitive from justice, has self appointed himself leader of the people currently in Egypt who are descendants of Israel. No comment was available from Mr Moses.

Mr Gideon, a man who was unknown a week ago and who was always considered a mild mannered man by his neighbors has decided to lead an uprising against the Midianites. It must be noted that Gideon has no formal military background and is only doing this as a self described leader because he claims to have heard from a god. His father, who was a leader in a religious organization, had no comment. It appears that Mr Gideon had torn down an altar his father worked in.

Mr Jeremiah who resides with captives in the country of Babylon has been bringing some bad news lately. Most other recognized prophets of the land reject his pronouncements. He is considered by many to be a self identified "holy man". No record of any formal installation or recognition of him is on record. When cornered by one of our reporters, Mr Jeremiah only would say that GOD called him from his mothers womb. This is unlikely in our opinion and without formal endorsement of his view we at CNN recommend you ignore his statements in favor of those more recognized by church authorities.

AND the list could go on.

So, if you are called of God, be that. Be sure you hear from God but then, walk in your gift. If you choose to be recognized by others, that's OK. It's more important to be recognized by God.

That is the word of the Lord for some Apostle or Prophet today.


Steve Scott said...

Thanks, Gene. I'll take it.

Heart n Hands Inc. said...

Love it!

I never forget, I was once that little girl who lived on a farm,smelled like the barn and ran through the fields and woods preferring her horse, dog and cat to most people. I am that same child that sweated bullets each time she was called upon to lead her 4th grade clas in the Pledge of Allegiance!

All I can say is GO GOD! Keep calling the disdained and unqualified. Keep using the foolish and base to confound the wordly wise. Thanks for choosing me!