Wednesday, April 8, 2009

God May be tearing down more than worldly altars of Baal

I'm careful in how I give this word. I don't want anyone to misconstrue. I'm not even sure it's a thus saith the Lord. But it might be. It's pretty fresh.

I have been concerned about the decline of mainstream Christianity in the USA. Churches closing and empty.


I am starting to see that the revival (new growth) can't come unless the old dead and diseased wood is first pruned off and thrown into the fire. I should of all people know this.

Maybe what we see statistically is the sprouting of new fresh life in Jesus and Old Churchianity dying off as it should. If that's the case, bring it on.

Maybe this economic depression is in fact God cleaning house of a lost religious system once and for all. Some will make it. But they are going to stick pretty close to the heart of Jesus to do so. That will mean change. That will mean abandoning the hierarchies and practices that brought them to ruin in the first.

Even so, Come Lord Jesus. I know you reign victoriously. Let's see how that is going to look. Better than the mess we men have created I'll wager.

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