Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Since Hell is a place of confusion, It's chief is even MORE confused

As Christians we sometimes believe we are dealing with an organized enemy. Sometimes it even looks that way. The minions of hell, on the earth and in the spirit world, are demons and people influenced by demons who's core value is rebellion. The net result of the efforts coming out from the schemes of the enemy are most often thwarted by their own devices. They author confusion only.

Or to put it less elegantly, the Devil always seems to shoot himself in the foot. He did it with Jesus. If he had know he would not have....

So, when you see confusion and delusion everywhere around you, be aware that is the trademark of the Devil. Confusion and Delusion, Inc.

Keep a clear mind, have no fear, think on things above and wash your spirit with the word of God constantly. You will walk proud, tall and strong. There is no fear in Love.

Expect even more confusion in the days to come, the Devil has his 45 trained squarely on his own Buster Browns right NOW!

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