Sunday, April 5, 2009

......Should not Perish, but have Everlasting Life (or is it Eternal)

Friday I spoke with an old friend. He has been suffering some Chronic things in health. So has his wife.

It's hard to hear about.

This morning in praying for them the Lord spoke:
"The devil comes to rob you of your life. He is out to kill, steal and destroy. Even from MY people. He wants to see to it they PERISH right here, right now. Not about hell, it's about living your purposes in ME! When you were born again you received ETERNAL Life, that is you entered into the no end and no beginning eternal now that I live in but you also, from the moment you stepped from time into eternity entered into EVERLASTING life. You had a beginning. But now you will go on Forever. Yes in heaven, but in the results of the divine purpose for which you were created on earth in your generation and all those that come after you. It's that life more than anything the Devil wants to keep you from, even though you will be with ME in heaven forever, he wants to destroy your Purpose on earth, to cause it to PERISH".

I know that at one time long ago I may have heard this in a teaching. I don't recall. There are a lot of things up in that old cranium. But, in pondering my friends situation, and knowing how richly God has provided, to now sideline him by infirmity is PERISHING.

I hate the Devil. Yesterday I taught the healing power revealed in Isahia 53. Somehow we have to get that released in this situation. My friend has eternal life, it's his everlasting life I am concerned about.

Watch out for that One who would cause you to Perish.

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