Friday, April 17, 2009

The Medium IS the Message

I have long believed that the big black book I carry around was enough. That preaching was enough. That a good worship chorus was enough. It was enough 75 years ago. People read, people were engaged, people were willing to dig.

Not now.

Then I got this video. It spoke to me. I hope it speaks to you.

Our Mission Field from City on a Hill Productions on Vimeo.

What the Spirit of God said to me as I watched this was this, "My word never comes back void, but it must be sent. People aren't sending it for it take any root at all. These who I love are being left alone and set aside. My word said that Signs Wonders Tongues Manifestations are as a Sign for those who do not believe. This generation is moved by what they see not what they hear or read. What they experience, not theory. These generation is my chosen generation to usher in a great move that the last generation only dreamed about. I will show myself mighty among them. They will understand who I am in ways former generations never could have. Have the Faith of God and In God. Act boldly. I will never leave you nor forsake you".

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Anonymous said...

...and this is supposed to be a revelation??? Regardless, it's about time people (and I mean the church) got into the 21st century.

It's a known fact that in the US 80+% receive information by ways of some type of watchable media (internet, video, TV, etc.) Newspapers and print is pretty much going the way of the dodo. A lot of that has to do with the issues of time. People are more apt nowadays to remember and grasp things they see and feel, rather than things they hear. I hope a lot of pastors and preachers heard THAT.

Better yet, like you said, I believe people that attend church for the first time or infrequently or are just looking for some answers are watching if you're (the church in general and the leaders especially) authentic and real, if you really live what you preach: hence, the decline of tradition and religion. Some of that might have to do with what they've witnessed from so-called "Christians". I guess the plateaued or dying church has the problem of things only start to sink in when things get or are bad, and there's no other solution but truth. Been there and done that for the last time too.

Im in a church that realized those two sentences decades ago. So are a lot of churches that are increasing rather than plateauing or decreasing. Im sad some church leaders think they have all the answers and really just dont have a clue. Nobody is beyond being a student.

If I personally were to plant a church today, I'd use the most amount of resources that the church would spend and use on reaching out to win souls on the people within 2-3 miles of the building we call the church. I'd also employ people that understand the lost generation from 16 to 33, as well as the people some cast aside because of past sin (drug users, felons, the divorced, gossipers, etc.). I'd also employ people that are far more creative than me and completely trust them to use other forms of language other than just music and a sermon and call it worship. I'd also tell everyone on staff or in a leader role than if they're behind their desk more than 10% of the time, they aren't doing their job. That's the rule here - and it's the truth.

I read the book UnChurched quite a while ago-great read for anyone ready for some real truth. It says all these things and a lot more. Better yet, talk to any 16-33 yr olds outside the church and get their reaction or thoughts on church in general. You'll be surprised at the answers. Too simple and very hard - IF you're stuck in religion.

We showed this video last year when it came out, and even after we've seen literally hundreds of people come to the family of God, we realize even more than we've got a long way to go. Joy alert: we started another satellite church in Jan. that in 4 months has over 500 across town. Only 800,000 more to least here. But we aren't forgetting the other 5 billion either.

People want real.
People can also spot fake.
So can Jesus.

(thanks for the great Word too)