Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Picture of the New Church in the West

I have been given a glimpse what the new church in the west will look like. It won't be your grandfathers church. It will be a different community. It will be more interactive. More fluid. More vital. More viral.

There will be dinosaur holdovers from the previous iteration, but they will dissolve to the wails of the structural hierarchies that existed to control them. I see what it looks like now. Interconnected, viral, alive, passionate. Not big. Not centralized. Not even labeled. You can't put a label on Blood, it's blood and it flows, no one knows if that is head blood, foot blood, heart blood, finger blood, ear blood, eye blood or kidney blood. It's just blood. Think of the new as blood cells who don't belong to any appendage who support and keep the body alive.

I can't tell you exactly what it looks like, but I see it now. I have carried in my spirit a prophetic vision of the new church for almost 20 years. I kept hoping, particularly in the Fox Valley where I live that this new church would arise. I have had a few misreads. I thought it was this one, then that one. It's none of those. I was not seeing clearly. I saw the result, thousands of passionate sold out worshippers of Jesus walking in freedom and joy together as a church. I saw the healing power of Jesus manifested as an organized fellowship. That was my fault. I thought it was about a church, no, it's about a Body. HIM!

It is an every member and no member assembly of passion. It will ebb, flow and revitalize and ebb and flow and find a new place in Jesus. Lakeland was an example. And look what is flowing from that. LIFE.

People holding together people who need to be encouraged and nurtured. And those doing the encouraging being nurtured.

Just like blood.

I know what I am saying seems to be disconnected, almost nebulous.


That's it. The Body of Christ is bigger than Church. Let's get on board what God is doing in the earth today.

There is Life in the Blood!

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Anonymous said...

Amen,for over 25 years i have this word in my heart that indeed this is the church He is bringing about,as a matter of fact the Lord said specific "the church would be so different that it would not even be recognised as the church",it will be a people of God who come together in the Spirit anywhere and anytime and will accept each other as just lovers of God and hearing from Him,as with His first coming so this coming will bring a lot of opposition from the religious side but He is in charge and building His church,could go on but this is it for now,loved this word thanks!!