Monday, April 27, 2009

The Grace Shortage

More than once I have had the Spirit of God say over and over again to me, "My Grace is Sufficient for you".

I love to hear it. I don't always believe it. I'm sometimes painfully unspiritual.

Then, all at once, like candid camera, when I least expect it he floods me with love. He washes over me. He gives me boldness. He fills me with hope and faith. It's a gift.

That's grace. That's what is enough, not just enough, more than I can possibly imagine and then double that.

When he says My Grace is Sufficient... He means there is so much that no matter what comes up, no matter what goes down, no matter what twists and turns come along, His grace is more than enough to make up for it all.

I'm just prophesying to ME. You got to ride along.

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Heart n Hands Inc. said...

Thanks for letting us ride along on the wind of the Spirit with you.

David encouraged himself in the Lord. We all need to do that sometimes.

Woe to those who would despise the gift for speaking to itself!