Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Nightmare

I had a dream, more like a nightmare, leading a church service, suddenly, people got up and left just as the anointing fell. Turned and looked behind me and the worship team was gone. I was all alone, in front. Befuddled. Couldn't remember what had or had not happened at all in the whole service if anything. Dream interpretation anyone?


Anonymous said...

You're feeling alone. Welcome to planet Earth.

Based on previous articles, are you feeling like people in your life aren't listening to what you say or don't care to hear?

People are, but probably not the ones you'd like to.

Leave your check with my receptionist in the lobby...

(more later)

Blessed Economist said...

I believe that this dream confirms the email that I sent to you yesterday. It describes how your talk appeared from heaven; befuddled.

Prophetic people often get angry with those who do not receive their words, but the real problem is that the message was not spoken clearly. The prophetic person may have been given a truth to share, but if the trumpet does not sound a clear call, no one will respond.

The hard truth for prophetic people to swallow is that an unclear word is a dead word.

Praise from friends and people who have already received the word does not mean much. We are all receptive to words that confirm our own views. The real test of a word is whether it is clear to those challenged by it.

Taking rejection as a sign that a word was both clear and true is dangerous, because this is not always the case. Rejection often occurs because the word was not clear, and sometimes because it was not true.

Stop looking for pit diggers and look at the way you presented your message. Start honing it so you can present a clearer warning.


Heart and Hands Int'l Ministries said...

"My son your anointing is not contingent upon people, or even upon YOU! For the Anointing is MINE, it belongs to Me and I give it. Your anointing is no less when people reject you than when they applaud you.

You were moving in it until you became distracted by the people who walked out. And then you looked for the back up because you are more comfortable with the worship drawing them into My Presence than relying on just My Presence.

Because there was this disturbance you became confused and you couldn't remember what you had done, what had or had not happened. But you see it did not/does not matter what had or had not happened. I AM not interested in man's protocol and menu-board.

I want you to move past "how it's supposed to be done" and just MOVE IN ME. Too much reliance on religious form will leave you befuddled and lost when the order shifts. Shift with ME for I AM moving you past where you are to where I want you to be."

Gene I hear "Quantum Shift" and "Reordering." Father even now, speak to your son and show him these things. Bring them into alignment and focus for him and then help him ot make the adjustment and the shift that you are requiring for the next phase. Thank you Lord. Amen.

Pastor Rusty said...

Since you asked, here is what I see, for what it is worth.
The people left 'just as the anointing fell' I kept praying about that phrase, got caught up in it and moved into the Spirit with it.
The Godly anointing on your life is fully intact so not to worry. I believe that you are moving to a new level and those that were there for this assignment are gone or have been ministered to. What I see is that your current assignment has ended, it ended as the anointing fell. That anointing is to take you to a new level. All anointing comes from the Father. There is nothing wrong for if you had done something wrong, the anointing simply would not have borne witness to it so that part is witness and confirmation that you are indeed in the center of the Father's will for your life. It may be time to pull aside and seek His face for the new assignment. Whatever you do, be like Nehemiah and do not come down from building the wall.
Right now I hear the Father's voice speaking out new assignments for many prophets and Apostles. He is about to do a new thing that is connected to the storm that is coming and the Apostles and Prophets must not be stuck in status quo.

Praying for you my brother.