Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Urgency with Which you Engage ME will Put all your OTHER Urgencies in their Proper Place

This morning I heard the Lord say:

The amount of urgency you place on your intimacy with Me will position all the other urgencies in your life. You will see them for what they are.

Some are critical, need to be taken care of, important.....and I will give you grace to face them with confidence and peace

Some are loud and urgent, insistent, but not of long lasting importance. They are just noisy gongs going off all around you. Keep your eye on them, but don't become distracted by the noise. Sometimes the urgent is a tool of the enemy to keep you off kilter. Filter the noise thru my word.

Some things are those you "Should" do are not even on your list. Some of these things can be easily shunted aside, but you don't realize that they are critical, important but silent in your life. Make time for them, find your place in them. They are the important but not noisy. Tell someone you love them. Call an old friend. Start with ME. I'm your God, I'm that friend that sticks closer than a brother. I want to hear from you. It's critical. I will reward you with peace as you diligently seek me.

My Precious child, avoid the clutter of your life. Those things that are just things you could do, think or waste you life on that are neither important nor urgent. Say NO to them. Your time with ME will be easier to find as you throw away these clutter things in your life. In the end it will just be you and ME. You will bring nothing with you except your love for Me.

What you don't realize is you to ME are both urgent and important. Nothing is trivial about you. Everything is focused. You are my favorite one. I spend all time on you since I live in eternity.

There is no one else but you to me. Please make it so for me. I will give you the faith. Every precious child of mine is my favorite. Every one deserves and gets all my attention. Every hair on their head is counted. I am the Eternal Father. I will never ever leave or forsake you. You are supremely important and every need and desire you have is urgent for me. I will work it all out for you, for your good because you love me and I called you for a purpose. I will not waste your purpose...your purpose is both urgent and important on the earth as well as in Heaven.

Trust me to work it out for you.

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Heart n Hands Inc. said...

OUCH! I again repent Lord of all the things that so often steal my attention from you. HELP me Lord- YOU know my heart- it aches for MORE of YOU. Once again I cry: Help me priortize! I love you more than my life for YOU ARE my life! I know that. More and more. Nancy BE STILL and KNOW- that is my quest- to KNOW you more and more in intimacy and Grace, face to face, my Bridegroom, lover and King!