Friday, April 10, 2009

The light shines brightest in the darkness

The world seems dark, government seems dark, corruptions seems dark, tyranny seems to be in charge of us all.

This is the city of Jerusalem about 33 AD. You are there. You see the darkness all around.

Something is happening just outside of town. You hear about it. You wonder.

Then about 3 in the afternoon it gets really dark, the ground heaves, apparitions appear.

The temple is torn up and the veil is torn down.

Things are not as they should be. Just like today in the USA.

It's dark......but......I have a light, and it always shines.... Don Potter wrote that song:

I have a light
And it always shines
It shines in the day
It shines in the night

And when the dark days come
And the sun isn’t bright
I will be shining
For I have a light

My light is the Lord
Jesus by name

My light is the Spirit
Who leads me to change

My light is the Father
Who gave up His own

My light is the hope
I’ll be with Him in a heavenly home

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