Friday, April 3, 2009

I wouldn't have picked that from the smorgasbord

If prophetic callings were smorgasbord entre's that we could just select from a long line available, I can think of some I would rather have than the one I seem to be wearing right now.

Being Issiah, kings courts, Ussiah and all.

Or Micah, his contemporary.

Even Jonah. Not welcome but effective.

I guess if Jeremiah's prophetic ministry were examined by the court prophets of his day they would have picked away at it pretty aggressively.

But, if I am a watchman placed on a prophetic wall and do not cry out an alarm, then why did God choose me. How responsible has he made me for this message?

If I am not hearing from God or if I'm a crackpot time will tell that tale. I have nothing to gain and everything to lose by walking in the shoes Jeremiah left behind. I may not fill them, but I must keep walking.

If I were God I wouldn't have picked me and if I were making a choice, I would rather have had the job of being the happy positive prophet at all times.

I don't and he did.

So, get ready.

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