Thursday, October 4, 2012

WHAT YOU DO MATTERS by Yolanda Ballard

Every day there is a battle transpiring between the kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of My dear Son. When you finally realize this, you will make sure that the decisions you make in life build up the kingdom that you are a part of and not tear down. For these are the days of the end of the age, and everything you do does make a major effect upon the kingdom that you are a part of. So make sure that you make your election sure, and don't take it lightly that you have a major call upon your life to build up and not tear down the kingdom of My Son.

For there is a price to pay to have life and not death, blessings and not curses, healing and not sickness, prosperity and not lack in every area of your life. For I am calling you out of the kingdom of darkness, and revealing to you areas of your life where you have been a part of the plan
and purpose of the enemy to build up and not tear down his kingdom by the words that you say, your attitudes of your heart, and your actions. For if you have not been motivated by My love in all your words and deeds, then you have participated in his plan and purpose and not Mine.

For I am calling you out, and setting you free this very hour, and I am taking the blinders away from your eyes and revealing the very motivation of your heart, for you have been crying out why things are the same as always where prosperity and victory and abundance have not been a way
of life for you. You have cried out because there has been a lack of the fruit of My spirit, and also why My gifts have not flowed through you. Many have been plain burned-out and anxious, have had no peace, and especially no joy which is My strength in you.

For now is the hour I will pour out My power, and through you if you would make yourself available, and bow down before My feet so I can set you free, once and for all, to be the people I called you to be. To be the people where My radiance of glory will actually blind the enemy, and by your actions motivated by My love will actually confuse the enemy's plans.

So choose this day who you will serve in these end times when everything that you do will have a major effect on My kingdom. Yes, every thought, word, and deed matters. You are so important to Me, and each has a major call to fulfill in My plan and purpose by just being who is
full of My glory and light, allowing My love to flow, which is the highest calling of all.

Be a vessel of My light, allowing My truth to flow, and above all allow My grace to flow to all that you meet. For yes, this is the end of the age, and what you do alone matters!

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