Monday, October 15, 2012

Satan ALWAYS goes after the most precious fruit

 He always attacks where the greatest challenge to him will come from.  He tried again and again to Kill Jesus and Moses.  He will always first try to tear down that which is most noble. 

People wonder why I spend so much of my intentional time in community with people who look at least in skin color so different from me (as a pale white European).  I see these precious ones as God does.  My eyes have been opened. This is not to say there are not others; but God called me to this. 

The Devil makes his most vicious attack against those who were destined by Father to carry a nobility beyond what many comprehend.  Haven't you noticed the beauty and magnificence?  How handsome the noble men are?  How stunning the noble women are?  How they in spite of circumstance are over-comers?  After centuries of oppression, after decades of abuse, after years of being kept in check by the enemy of their souls, they still are here... Waiting. 

I am convinced that out of what the world seems to have relegated to otherwise, the NEXT great move of God will emerge from this Nobility.  It should be a badge of Honor to carry the bloodline of what God is about to do.  When walking down the street, no longer will fear be in the eyes of those they encounter... an impulse to bow by those not so marked for greatness will be powerful.  

IF they only knew how set aside for greatness they were, they would walk in it.  It has been the devil's scheme for centuries to make sure they never discover this truth.  It goes on to this day. Deception leading to blindness is the only tool the enemy has.  My precious brothers and sisters, once you KNOW the truth you will become what you were destined to become.  If you continue to receive the lie, it will keep you in chains, discover the truth and it will set you FREE!  Free at last, Free at last, Thank GOD you will be FREE AT LAST!!  (I heard that in a vision of Heaven I had many years will sing it there, you were meant to sing it here).

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