Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Remnant is Rising! ---- Jennifer LeClaire

When I arrived at Independence Hall last Friday night for the America for Jesus solemn assembly, I was struck with the reality that our Founding Fathers had gathered in that very spot more than 200 years ago to declare freedom and deliverance for our nation.

Just steps away from where Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, James Madison and others drafted and ratified the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution, a remnant of impassioned believers gathered to declare freedom and deliverance for our nation once again: freedom from the spirit of greed; deliverance from the spirit of Jezebel; liberation from pride; and justice for the unborn.

As the youth rally got underway, I stepped aside to observe and pray. As I did, the Holy Spirit showed me the remnant is rising. After all, it was a remnant who founded this country—a remnant looking for, among other things, religious freedom. A 21st century remnant was now making a new declaration of independence from the ties that are binding our nation.

The Holy Spirit told me this:

There is a remnant and the remnant is rallying in prayer.

I have preserved a people in this generation to speak forth my word without compromise. Their voices will continue to rise in boldness for the cause of righteousness but few will listen. Just like the days of old, my prophetic voices are crying out to a nation with deaf ears who continue serving idols instead of the life giver.
Yet the remnant is rising and their voices are growing louder. And there will come an hour when the circumstances of the day will demand that a wicked generation take notice of the righteous remnant and turn their hearts back toward Me.

Some will continue to mock My Son, but many will break free of the deception that besets the land. So continue to cry out and continue to call out in My name because I hear you and I am answering you for My Son's sake.

I will not turn my back on those who fear me. I will not.

Glory to God! The remnant is rising and refuses to bow down to the principalities and powers that have targeted this nation for destruction. The remnant is humbling itself on behalf of a nation whose pride is pushing it toward a fall. The remnant is praying fervently for God’s kingdom to come to the United States, just as it is in heaven. The remnant is seeking His face. The remnant is repenting on behalf of a nation that has slipped from its former glory.

And God hears from heaven. And God will forgive our sin. And God will heal our land. Back in 2007, the Holy Spirit told me it would get darker before the light shines brightly again. I believe we’re going to see a great revival, a third Great Awakening. Until then, walk by faith and not by sight. Don’t stop praying even if evil appears to be overcoming good. If the remnant stops praying, who will declare God’s will for our nation?



barnabas said...

I put this post about a rising remnant on my blogg yesterday:


The word was originally posted in November last year by Robert Stearns.

And now I read this word today which again is about a rising remannt. Interesting and encouraging confirmation!

many blessings
"Barnabas" Sweden

Prayingmedic said...

Thanks for taking the time to go to this meeting and hear what the Lord is saying. This is another encouraging word.


Prayingmedic said...

Thanks for taking the time to go to this meeting and hear what the Lord is saying. This is another encouraging word.


Prayingmedic said...

Another encouraging word.