Friday, October 26, 2012

The Work of Belial is a Seared Conscience

MANY that VOTE this election will do so because they already have or will add to a seared conscience as they cast a vote for candidates who support free abortion, planned parenthood, gay marriage, the homosexual agenda, Islamification of America and the assault on freedom of religion in the USA. This is not about support for a man, its about an ungodly agenda:

“Prayers that rout demons and break curses” is an important book written by Apostle John Eckhardt.

In Chapter 3, John Eckhardt deals with “The Curse of a Seared Conscience”. The more I read this, the power of the Holy Spirit was convicting me concerning how I have allowed my own conscience to be seared and in so doing, slowed or even stopped the move of God in certain areas in my life. I know that it will be of great benefit to you as it has been for me. Let me quote some of what John Eckhardt says:

“Every person is born with a conscience. The enemy must neutralize the conscience before seducing men to commit certain sins. According to Titus 1:15, the mind and conscience can be defiled. To defile means “to contaminate or make unclean.” This is obviously a reference to evil spirits operating in the conscience.

When the conscience is seared, men and women are opened to all kinds of unclean spirits and their curses and are capable of all kinds of unclean acts. For example, there are many today who no longer feel that homosexuality, lesbianism, and incest are wrong.

Belial has cauterized (deadened) the conscience to accept these things as acceptable lifestyles. When the conscience has been seared, men are capable of the vilest and most sickening acts. These is almost no limit to the depravity that men can exhibit when they are bound by the curse of a seared conscience.”
IF how you vote in a few days further sears your conscience as you sanction (embrace) an ungodly agenda, that willful act will leave you open to all sorts of demonic invasion you never planned for. Defiling your conscience will rob and blind you. IF you can not support a candidate that goes against your traditional politics, your only choice is to not vote at all. At least you will not open the door to unclean spirits that WILL - I PROMISE YOU - come into your life when you vote against the voice of your conscience. Some will even lose their ministry if they indulge their political bias in opposition to the righteousness they may give lip service to the rest of the time. Some by embracing this agenda have already begun the downward spiral.  God will not bless the works of Belial.

The choice is yours. Choose well.  Listen to the voice of your conscience. 


Anonymous said...

Growing up, from the earliest age that I can remember, I was taught that homosexuality was normal (some women like men, some women like other women). I was also taught that evolution was real. There was also no mention of God in my home (or at school). God was just a man-made concept. It took 31 years and ENORMOUS amounts of pain to break through this conditioning and find the truth. I pray that God will have mercy. People are literally taught that wrong is right and right is wrong and that down is up and up is down. I began suffering from panic attacks at age 5 and severely at age 11. I now know this was in large part due to the dissonance between my own conscience and the world. I then took antidepressants and other psych meds for my anxiety and depression and this numbed me substantially and kept me imprisoned in a fog for a decade. Pray that God gives us time to undo the works of the enemy. There are many who, like me, desired righteousness but were raised in the opposite. It takes time to break free (you cannot even really begin until age 18 and oftentimes not until much later because of the financial and soul ties with parents). PRAY. THERE CAN BE REVIVAL.

margaret said...

I have that Eckhardt book but I haven't read that chapter. There are so much in his books, a lot I don't understand so I am taking the chapters gradually. I read some of his selected verses aloud and they really have helped me. I'll look up the seared conscience chapter.