Saturday, October 6, 2012

Soon Coming Glory - J P Eby

Drawn from his website:
Although God has His “time” for everything, the marvelous reality is that in this hour the journey from the feast of Pentecost to the feast of Tabernacles is not primarily a matter of chronology of time or distance, but a chronology of experience! One does not get from the feast of Pentecost to the feast of Tabernacles by a date on the calendar or by a trip through space — we get there by an experience in God. It is not now a sequence of times or locations, but a sequence of growth, experience, life, and reality! God’s called and chosen elect is beginning to move into a new dimension in God, the veil is being drawn back, the seal is being loosed, and we are seeing that there is another whole realm of reality that we never knew about in the church systems. There is a whole other feast, food that we knew not of, an entirely other dimension of being in God, another vast realm of glory that brings us into the very fullness of God! – J P Eby

“The earth is about to see the glory of God in a most remarkable way!” … I am convinced that a host of heavenly messengers has recently been released to every corner of the earth bearing the message: “And the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all mankind together shall see it, for the mouth of the Lord has spoken it!” (Isa. 40:4, NIV). What I am proclaiming, announcing, and declaring is that there is a third experience in God! The Rider on the black horse has revealed that this feast of the oil and the wine would come to pass long after the feasts of the barley and the wheat had been experienced by God’s people. But now the hour has come to “hurt” or “open” and “distribute” the oil and the wine — without measure! There is an appearing and manifestation of the Lord that is going to come to pass in the body of Christ today, right here upon this earth, and the implications of this feast go far beyond anything you or I could possibly imagine!

Oh, what a grand and glorious realm lies before us in the feast of Ingathering! As George Warnock has pointed out, it is the day of the full fruit of the Spirit! The day of Perfection! The time of full and complete redemption, spirit, soul, and body! The full and complete experiencing of HIMSELF! The fullness of Strength and Power and Glory! The Feast of feasts! The strange part of the whole thing is this, that the whole purpose and plan of God for this new day of the kingdom of God is completely obscured and lost amidst the shout and euphoria over the “firstfruits” of the Spirit which we received at Pentecost. Those who glory in the “firstfruits of the Spirit” do not even know what this day is about! They can see the healings, deliverances, miracles, prophecies, gifts…and so forth; and they understand not that it is God in His great mercy inviting His people to enter on in to their full inheritance. They do not realize that all this is but the foretaste, the appetizer, and the earnest of their heritage, and that God bids us arise and come away with Him to the great Feast that lies before! – J P Eby

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