Saturday, October 13, 2012

"America's darkest hour will be My Church's finest hour" ---- David L. Smith

David Smith is a friend of mine, he is a proven prophet.  I trust his gift...and this word:

During a time of praise & worship, the Lord gave me a vision of America that dropped me to my knees.

The vision opened with me looking down at the outline of - or a map of - the United States. I saw the coasts, the corners, the shape of the United States - and it glowed... the entire map glowed with a golden glow of purified, refined gold. The entire map of the United States appeared as the clear, purified, gold that has been refined by fire.

And I heard the Words that the entire nation will bow their knee before the Lord;  the United States, as a nation, would turn back to the Lord.

...but, there was grieving. It was almost like the Lord Himself was sobbing with great chest-shaking tears.

And I FELT - within that sobbing - the words... "oh, but at what a cost. Why did you wait? Why did it have to come to this? Why did America have to go through this refining fire before you would turn back to me?"

America will go through a refining fire. America will be tested and tried. That refining will come to every one - everyone will be given the chance to choose whom - or what - they shall serve.

Those that choose unwisely will be tested by the fires of the circumstances of the world. And many will find the refining fires to be too much.

Those who make it through the fires will see a different America; thus, a different world. And the nation will bow their knee before the Lord - in the midst of the greatest revival that has ever occurred in the history of Man.

oh, but at what a cost... why, America, why?

One of the most powerful words that the Lord has given me was:

"America's darkest hour will be My Church's finest hour"
... thus says the Lord...

David L. Smith

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