Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Perfect Storm update

This storm (Sandy) is more severe than you imagine. In 1991 the atmospheric disturbance known as the Perfect Storm as measured in Millibars was 971. It was historic. It caused enormous damage and death. There was a movie called "The Perfect Storm" about that Nor'easter. It was on Halloween. This storm, Sandy is currently 951 millibars. Lower Barometric pressure means more intense. This is a huge atmospheric disturbance. We may be seeing what John Paul Jackson prophesied in 2008 when he said there would be hurricanes 500 miles wide that would flood 100 miles inland. This storm is already as dangerous as Irene last fall was which had a millibar reading of 942 at it's peak. I shall wait and see...but this is a BIG STORM. 


Anonymous said...

any record of a storm like this?

Anonymous said...

We have a mantle of authority in this earth as believer's and we should all agree that this storm turns east and damage is minimal.
Do you agree?

margaret said...

I agree. I like it when Kim Clement says, to God the impossible is nothing. We believe in a great God who has and can calm the winds and the waters. To this storm we can say: "IN JESUS' NAME, PEACE BE STILL"! AMEN!!