Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Prophetic Musings for Today

I have been thinking about Jesus attitude toward dead cold religious systems. Towards those who give lip service to God but no passion. To those who jump thru some imaginary hoops to keep some semblance of religiosity. Then I was thinking about what MY attitude is towards those same people. I read his feeling about the Pharisees. Towards the Churches in Rev 2 and 3. How the Epistles lambaste
phony religious. How the Prophets dealt with SHOW religious events and festivals. Am I supposed to ignore these examples and show love and tolerance toward fake Christianity as is practiced in much of the western world? Am I supposed to be loving towards people who pervert the truth of Jesus? I think its high time we get out of that mess and back to calling out those who are leading souls to hell by their lukewarmness. OR am I just being UBER judgmental.... again. I have this sick feeling in my stomach and feel like Jesus...I'm about to vomit out the tepid. Prophets have a tough call...they operate thru the lens of the Godhead and sometimes it's pretty least for me.
Still Filthy Rags. That's what I heard God say about my attempts to live worthy of his approval because of my "perfection". What I didn't include was the fact that these vain attempts would eliminate any need for the Shed Blood of Jesus. IF I could live sinless, then I would not need HIM...or would I? This doesn't take away from the need to live right, live above the level of those lost in the world without HIM. This does mean that I must never ever have any pride in how I live. Without Jesus I am LOST in SIN headed for eternal absence from the Presence of Joy (GOD). Sometimes I need to be reminded that I fall WAY short....WAAAAAYYYY short. #NEED JESUS
IF NOTHING supernatural is going to happen, can happen, will happen, may happen in Church next Sunday morning, then WHY are you there? IF an encounter with the true and living God doesn't result in a manifestation of His presence, then why show up? IF heaven never touches earth, then why not just go to the pancake house? I am really really tired of predictable church. Don't just do fresh,
LET GOD do what HE wants to do, get out of the way, hear from the Spirit of God and Respond. Do what Blackaby says: "Find out where God is working and join him. Experience God doing through you what only God can do!" God is a supernatural being, and so if He does things, it's supernatural... Experience HIM, not Church as usual.
I have long thought there is a place for the Medes in the middle east, that they would take a rightful place and be a peacemaker... See Isaiah 13 in context and tell me if you see what I do?

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