Saturday, March 14, 2009

What cursed by God looks like

Early this morning I woke to hear an appeal for money on WLS radio by people feeding the poor in Haiti. I know a little about Haiti.

During the appeal one of the announcers said that Haiti was a God forsaken place. I believe that. I know Missionaries who work very hard there with not much fruit.

Yes, feeding these poor people will salve their bodies for a while, but they need their souls saved for the curse they might be living under to be lifted. This Commenter doesn't believe it is. I don't know.

I am concerned that in the USA we are living under a curse and don't know it. We think we are free to do what we want, curse God and get away with it.

As I listened to the appeal being made I had the distinct sense that God was by this appeal saying, "This is what a country that rejects me ends up looking like".

I pray it doesn't, but I wonder.

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