Tuesday, March 10, 2009

On Prosperity and Promise

A Word from God by Brenda Craig:

Beloved, I know you struggle in some things and not in others. Often the things you struggle with are connected to or related to your past experiences…connected to areas where you did not find success…areas where you were not loved or approved of and so on. It is in these areas you do not have the wisdom, confidence or sense of hope that you need. It is in these areas where the manifest outworking of who I am in You is not present because what you believe is based on what you have experienced or seen and not on the truth found in My Word.

In spite of all the prayers you have prayed and all the doings you have done, you still struggle to overcome. In spite of all My promises about prosperity in every area of your life, including the financial, you still wonder at times where I will get the resources to meet your emotional and physical needs.

Though you have seen My hand in one area, you still doubt Me in another. Do you not know a little bit of doubt leads to complete unbelief if not evicted by taking your thoughts captive and choosing to glorify My name through thanksgiving and praise? A little bit of doubt is like leaven. All it takes is a drop…a small bit in comparison to the whole to spoil the entirety of what I have done and am willing to do.

I have made you beautiful and prosperous…a crown of glory and honor in My hand…made you exceedingly beautiful in My hand (Isaiah 62:3). Therefore, put all things, including your negative thoughts, into My hand and watch them be transformed into jewels befitting to adorn any crown. My thoughts of love and affection are resting upon you, and I am bestowing My grace, so receive…

Thanks you Jesus and Brenda, I needed to hear that.

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Anonymous said...

Me too. Thanks.

Ive been thinking exactly on these lines and its amazing how the Spirit of God points you to the River every time. I need a drink.