Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Spirit of What IF

Some years ago a song was popular called, I Don't Believe in IF anymore.

Right now I have a sense in my spirit that a "What IF" spirit is clouding our thinking. We need Jesus to reveal himself to us, WHAT IF he never ever leaves or forsakes us? That's the what if.

Pastor Phil posted a Remix of the 23rd Psalm. It's pretty good. I pirated it here:

The Lord is my strength, I shall not panic;
He helps me relax and rest in quiet trust.
He reminds me that I belong to Him and restores my serenity;
He leads me in my decisions and gives me calmness of mind.
His presence is peace.
Even though I walk through the valley of the fear of failure,
I will not worry, for He will be with me.
His truth, grace, and loving-kindness will stabilize me.
He prepares release and renewal in the midst of my stress.
He anoints my mind with wisdom;
My cup overflows with fresh energy.
Surely goodness and mercy will be communicated through me,
For I shall walk in the strength of my Lord,
And dwell in His presence forever. Amen.

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