Saturday, March 28, 2009

Prophecy from Prophet Brad Schleuter

This Prophecy given last night at the IHOP. It's worth hearing. I have known Prophet Brad for a long time. He is a good and accurate prophet. This is the word of God to you Today:

The door is finally open all the way.

You are moving through it into the future I have promised. Trust me with ll of it, including the details and the timing. What I am putting together for you is far More than you could imagine. You know that it is from me and you will understand even more so, I have been preparing it for this time of your life. I will coincide with what I am doing throughout the earth. I am linking you with many nets that will be drawing in the catch of this season. You are a distinct part of the many things I am doing. you will share in the fruits of your own labor, as well as in that of others.

You have been one of the means for carrying out my ongoing purposes for my people. I have told you to watch and wait for what I will be doing. Soon you will see it happening. I am increasing your anointing for the greater works you will be doing in my name. There is much yet to come, do do not lose heart! I am building your expectations so that when it comes you will be able to move with it. I will satisfy your needs and even more, for you have father who loves you. Your weaknesses and shortcomings are opportunities for more of my input.

Radical change will be the order of the day for the rest of your days. My hope will not disappoint your! Trust me and obey my Spirit in you! He does abide with you an he will remain as long as he can command. It is a tribute to your faith that he is there in the first place. Your believed and so your received. Truth and honesty are central to my practices. What other do is not your concern for yo are responsible for you YOU respond to my directions. Your consideration of them is good for it is a basis for your prayers. Leave them to me and move ahead in what I have given you. I will confirm what I reveal to you so you can freely act on it.

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