Friday, March 27, 2009

The Father says, "I have given you a Resurrection Spirit"

It's never been a doubt. The devil wants to kill you. To destroy you. To put you under. To cause you loss. To hinder your efforts.

He's out to get you, make no mistake.

This morning as I was pondering the idea that he thinks he can drive you over the cliff to ruin forever is so wrong in the light of the empty tomb it's almost laughable.

There is a power Spirit available to you, it's in you, it's who you are, it's a Resurrection Spirit. When you have been beaten, scourged, hung out to dry, humiliated and left for dead, Sunday is coming just around the corner. You are about to experience new life.

And, like the cross, what the devil thought he was doing for evil, God meant for Your Good.

Thank God for his Resurrection Spirit. I might look like I'm down but.......Sunday's coming.

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