Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hated of All Men - Particulalry "Christians"

I was shocked when I decided to look up on line the meaning of NAR. New Apostolic Reformation. I had heard about what bad folks they were. Turns out I am one.

The vile and venom against this move of God, third wave, is amazing to me. Out and out hatred. Yes there is some from the world as secular criticism. I expect that. What astounds me is the intensity of hatred (not anger, not disagreement - hatred) exhibited by so called Christians.

Talk about deception by the enemy. I have seen it in Christians before, I have prophesied that Evangelicals will be easily deceived when the enemy raises his head. That's all true. This is really over the top.

This morning when I was half awake I found myself questioning God what this all means. Why the hatred. Why.....?

He said, "They hated me, they still hate me, they will hate you for my names sake. I called you to be a member of the tribe on earth you are part of, even if you are despised and hated for it you will be loved by ME".

A week ago I wasn't even aware of this label New Apostolic Reformers. I guess I lived in ignorance. I wear it proudly.

What's so sad to me is how many people on the list that the haters of the new apostolic and prophetic move identify as villains are friends of mine. People I know. People I embrace. I have to say to those who hate me and those people who are part of this third wave that I care about, "depart from me, I never knew you".

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