Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Love and Purpose

There are two main prophetic undergirdings to the Believer in Jesus.

First, we must know how much he Loves us. John 3:16 love. But more than that, and there is more, He loves us beyond our understanding. Not height nor depth can separate us. Father's love who runs to meet us as we return. Love of a bridegroom who pursues and woos us. Love that never ever leaves or forsakes us. Eternal love. If we can grasp the magnitude of God's love for us, it will keep us solid on the rock.

Second, is our purpose. This is more evasive. We all have a purpose in God. Sometimes it take a little while to find it, but find it we will. We must have, we must cultivate an understanding of why we are here. You probably won't find it from someone else. You will find it by His Spirit of Revelation. Your pastor can't tell you and may not even acknowledge the purpose God had placed in you. I spoke with a dear sister in Jesus last night for a long time who is struggling with the reality not having her Spirit revealed purpose confirmed by her pastor. Our purpose doesn't come from people. It comes from God.

The problem is you need revelation for comprehending a little the love of God in your life and you will need a prophetic voice to declare destiny over your life. I am convinced that people perish for lack of knowledge because they are not in a place to hear from the Throne.

It's a tough thing, but if you can find the LOVE of God and YOUR PURPOSE you will walk in victory and confidence to the day you die.

Seek first the KINGDOM of GOD and his Righteousness and ALL THESE THINGS will be added unto you.

Purpose and Love - Love and Purpose

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Pastor Rusty said...

Would that pastors (me being one) would take time aside and listen to God rather than feeling like they have to perform. Lord free us from performance and let us enter into your rest. Stand and see the salvation of God.