Monday, March 30, 2009

Burden of the Prophetic - I don't want to know

Every prophetic person I know suffers from an "I don't want to know" syndrome. Sometimes I just look at a person and I know far more than I wanted to know. Sometimes a person comes up before me in the Spirit and I know things about them I didn't want to know.

A man I love a great deal, who is compassionate and loving, a minister, has a hidden problem. He is filled with anger at someone who disappointed him, slighted him, hurt him. He is feeling rage in his inner being. Rage has not been his friend in the past. It cost him greatly.

I sense the rage and anger so deeply it causes me to shake. I tried to give him encouragement to deal with this, to let him know the Father knows and is concerned. I know that he Loves this Precious man too much to let him carry this burden alone. If he would deal with it by being transparent with those who love him, he would be made whole. I tried to give him this word, but he's running from God right now. This can't come out OK unless it is dealt with.

Sometimes the burden of the Prophetic is too much to bear.

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes we can only be a messenger. God always works on the heart-literally-of the matter. He's know's what's He's doing.

Sometimes, and it's hard, you just have to say what you said and walk away. Time heals all wounds, but God is the only One that can heal the heart. Pray for that.

Remember, love this person anyway and every way. It's the Christ follower thing to do-and you're commanded to. Friends never really walk away either. That's why Jesus is a Friend to sinners.