Monday, March 16, 2009

Spiritual Blindness or no eyes at all

I have wondered at the people I know personally and those who I know but with less of a direct connection regarding the ability to see spiritually. I have been equally impressed of the blindness they exhibit.

I know all the verses in the letters to the Corinthians regarding seeing and spiritual blindness. I know the passages in Ephesians. They support my concern for my friends.

What is more amazing to me is when people have intentionally plucked out their spiritual eyes. I believe I see a pattern here. Prophetically Christians who have intensionally closed their eyes spiritually will wax worse and worse. They will drift off into apostasy. They will end up in a ditch. Blind leading blind.

Without the eyes of the Spirit of God seeing for you and in you, you walk blind.

Much of evangelical Christianity is blinded, profoundly blind. And believes it sees.

No one is so blind as those who WILL NOT see. Not Can Not.

How does that work. I feel like this is a warning to us all that blindness is a trait of the day in which we live. We must have mud rubbed in our eyes or we will walk off the end of the cliff into oblivion.

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