Wednesday, March 18, 2009

For such a time as this

You are not an accident. You are not useless. You were destined by God to live here and now in this time to accomplish his purposes in HIM.

The economy, the fear, the desperation, the concern all need the people of God to minister soothing oil and wine in the wounds of His people and those who will become His.

If you and I do not take our place in this time, HE will raise up another. Even though you and I will go to heaven, we will have missed the great mission he placed in us strategically at this time.

So, step up and take dominion over the world system, the Hamans who would destroy HIS people. God is on the move. He has shown me he is dividing his people from the world. We are to take our place as the head and not the tail.

Destiny - but alone in HIM.

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