Friday, August 3, 2012

The Immediacy of God.... A word delivered to Greater Works - Apostle Marlon Hester

Wednesday Night we attended the first of what hopefully will be several meetings revolving around the theme, Prophetic Intercession. There were about a hundred in attendance. It was great worship, good teaching and a strong prophetic flow. I was right at home. I brought my brother in law along. He is a good Assembly of God pentecostal, but he had never been in an urban church service. Yes, there was culture shock.

At the end of the service I was invited to bring a word. I had received one that the Lord was speaking to me almost as soon as we began.

"Intercession happens when My immediacy and intimacy is recognized".

That wasn't the whole word, but it was the essence of it.

As I have reflected on what the Lord is saying, I will deliver it as I have heard it:

You can rest in Me. I am right here. I am closer than the air you breathe. I am all around you. The veil between you and ME is very thin.

IF you had eyes to see, if for a moment your eyes could be opened you would see as Elisha's servant saw, angels all around you. My presence is carried by them. I am right here.

Did I not say, "I will never leave you nor forsake you?" I will never ever ever leave you. I will never ever ever forsake you. I know all about you and I love you. You can rest in me.

The veil is very can't reach thru and touch me, but I can walk thru walls, I can manifest any time. I can touch you. Sometimes late in the night or early in the morning in that in between time I touch you in love. I speak quietly to you. I whisper in your ear. You hear my voice.

When you take your last breath you will see ME. The veil will be torn. All will be revealed. You can have a bit of that here. You can speak to ME and I hear. I am listening for your voice. I heed your words. I know your thoughts. Every one of them. I love when you speak, when you think of Me. I am hear, closer than you know.

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