Tuesday, August 7, 2012

a season of unprecedented change

Over the past several years, Larry Randolph, John Paul Jackson, Terry Bennett, and Don Potter have had angelic visitations concerning the times we are living in. On separate occasions, all of them were told (in similar language) that this nation is entering a season of unprecedented change and that we are facing uncharted waters on a global scale. Each of them was given specific insight into the enormous shifts that are and will occur on a cultural, economic, political, geophysical, atmospheric, and spiritual level.

What will this Super-shift look like? Is the world as we know it coming to an end in 2012, as some say? Or, is 2012 truly the end of an old era and the birthing of a new age. If the latter is true, then how do we prepare for such a magnitude of change?

In one of Larry’s angelic visitations, he was shown that 2012 would be a pivotal year, signifying a renaissance of change on a global scale. He was later instructed that it would be a
bitter-sweet time that would be both exciting and extremely challenging. After several other visitations, Larry was left with an over-arching reality that although we’re standing at the threshold of great tribulations, God is unfailingly redemptive.

According to Larry, therefore, the challenges we face can affect us for either good or bad…depending upon our posture. For example, the great flood in Noah's day produced both a negative and positive impact on that generation. For those outside the ark it was devastating, for those inside the ark it was liberating. Depending on their preparation and posture, one group experienced the best of times; the others experienced the worst of times.

Come and join these prophetic fathers as they address this “coming flood” of unprecedented change. Most importantly, come and hear how to posture yourself for a “once in a blue moon” mega-shift. (August 31st 2012 is a "blue moon" night that is an astronomical rarity—thus the phrase "once in a blue moon.")

the description of the Blue Moon conference this month in Franklin, TN:

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