Friday, August 31, 2012

Talking to Demons...entertaining spirits...talking to the dead BY JEFFREY STEWART

This is the scariest day to be a demon on earth, especially one of the higher level ones. Their house of cards is about to be pulled down as this mighty move of God, and Awakening on a scale never seen before, moves across the globe, and billions of captives are set free to accept Jesus as their Savior and Lord.

I will tell you one thing I saw in the future. There are indeed haunted houses, but its evil spirits. They like to hide in dark places like cockroaches. But when the OUTPOURING hits the cities containing these houses, they will be SWEPT clean by the Presence of God

The Lord clearly tells us not to try to talk to the "dead" because you cannot, you end up talking to something else, and folks like Zach "do". They seriously need our prayers. Beyond that, you need to fill your heart, your mind, your mouth, your eyes with His Word, and pray in the Spirit, and Worship Him. That is when you begin to make a positive difference in this world

The Lord told us to not use mediums, etc to talk to the dead for a reason. Like EVERYTHING else He tells us to do, it is because HE LOVES US. He is not trying to keep you from talking to your dead mother or father, He is trying to keep you from talking to a DEMON imitating your dead mother or father. And demons want nothing more than to torment man and tell them things that will ultimately lead to them going to hell. Saul talking to Samuel through the witch of endor. If you read the story, you will notice, that witch WAS SURPRISED when Samuel actually did show up. Why was she surprised, because mediums are used to yielding their voices to FAMILIAR spirits, spirits who make a point of letting their hosts "know things" about people they are talking to. Like a dead father's first name, etc. Having a fact right means nothing. demons knew of Jesus and Paul's names as well when they spoke to the the Seven Sons of Sceva right before attacking them.

Those ghost hunters like Zach and the like, who are not Christian, have NO BUSINESS seeking after what the Lord has forbidden in that area, and the unhealthy fascination with this subject AMONG GOD'S CHILDREN is even worse. Why would any SON OR DAUGHTER of God want to hear what a demon says. Jesus' interaction with them was pretty direct, he did not make a point of having conversations with them about life. TV shows like "Long Island Medium" etc ------ AVOID, a Christian has NO BUSINESS watching them. A lot of the ghost hunter shows are the same way.

My comment on Jeffrey's post:
There are PEOPLE who have rejected any wooing of the Holy Spirit. They are spiritually DEAD. Zombies. Ghosts. If you talk to them they are confrontation, they are angry, they want to debate. I have come to the conclusion that this kind of talking to the dead is equally fruitless. WHEN they HEAR the spirit of God calling, they will be ready. We can test, but a dead man walking is going to be pretty fruitless.
Jeffrey responds:
I have never seen a more contentious bunch, willing to debate at the drop of a hat, than religious, spiritually dead people - people who have their minds filled with thoughts that exalt themselves against a knowledge of the truth. People who would rather talk about God than spend time with Him. People who would rather talk about the dates various gospels were written, than share the gospel with the lost. Yes, I have had MANY run ins with the dead, people who hate revelation, who would rather quote a theology professor than God, who even in some cases think that they know MORE than God, by pointing out "flaws" in things Jesus Himself said - as in "apparent" contradictions.

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