Sunday, August 12, 2012

Praying to Escape God's Purpose

Jesus taught his disciples to pray, "Give us this day our daily bread".

That is God's plan for all of us. Manna. Today.

Yet, that's not how most of us pray. We pray not for provision but for prosperity to carry us thru the dry places in our lives. We pray that God would prosper us that we could become independent of his need to provide for us according to His plan. It's the same prayer that the Prodigal Son prayed to his father.

Independence from HIM is not the plan of God. He wants us dependent on His goodness. He gives us power to get wealth. He gives us the work of our hands. He opens the doors of opportunity. When we ask him to do what He doesn't teach us to pray for...what does that mean?

Even Father Abraham was told to go to a place in trust where he would be a stranger in a strange land.

One of the most anointed ministers I have ever known in my life who would flow in grace and power in the Holy Ghost and yet a day later in conversation would express his fear of being broke, without a retirement plan, not depending on God for tomorrow. Fear.

I don't condemn him. I struggle in this area sometimes. should not be that we pray for God to make us independent of Him...which is the single most common prayer we pray.

Hat tip to Pastor Phil Ressler

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