Thursday, August 23, 2012

Let's begin anew today - Sharon McCarty

The Father says today I am guiding you into a new season. There is a shift coming that will once again change many things in your life. I have called for this because you cried out to Me for significance and for the opportunity to make a difference in life. You are not merely a piece of human flotsam and jetsam whose life doesn't matter. Your life counts for something. Your words carry weight in My kingdom. The angels take notice of your words, your movements and your choices.

This is a day I am calling you into close cooperation with Me. I'm not going to snap My fingers and make these things come to pass. I don't operate in superstition or capricious autonomy. To think of Me that way insults My character and denies Me the intimacy I seek with. So let's revisit your assumptions about how and why I act in your life. Realize that each thing I do in your life requires your consent and involvement every step of the way.

I have written the word change over you. The angel of change is come to initiate the change. You will feel the shift, in fact you have felt it for some time. You didn't identify this as My hand moving in your situation. Be careful not to misinterpret the pressure I bring to get your attention. Turn into that pressure and you will break out into My kingdom. Are you ready? Are you sure? Let's begin anew today then.

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Kathleen Blake said...

This was my dope slap across the head, lol. Thanks for putting this up, I needed it.