Friday, August 31, 2012


...Here's an answer:

IF you are always struggling with finances. IF you seem to be constantly in debt, lack or need. There is a spiritual dynamic you may not be aware of that is in play. Whatever you resent will distance itself from you spiritually. True of spiritual gifts, you don't see many miracles in the western church because there is resentment by denominational leaders of those who manifest them. You don't see much prophetic release in many churches so the preaching is lukewarm and frankly insipid. Whatever you resent or disassociate yourself in identity will distance itself from you.

IF you are broke and resent people who have made a lot of money by their own hands, you will work hard and never make money. If you are broke and resent people who inherited big money, you can bet that won't happen to you. If you are broke and resent people who get great jobs thru no apparent effort of their own, you ca
n count on the fact you won't either.

The principle is this, your attitude toward those who are where you wish you could be will open or close the door for you. Be VERY VERY careful who you criticize and secretly resent. You are putting into play a spiritual truth that will come around to haunt you.

Begin to admire, study, learn from, connect with, work for, work with, emulate, pattern, model your life after those who have done well. It works spiritually and it works financially. We know all about spiritual sons, arbor bearers etc. The same principle of learning from those who got there, emulating, and admiring still works. Why do we think that's only in the church world. Stop being broke. Start looking to those with more and ask not, WHY THEM, but ask WHY NOT ME?

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