Friday, August 17, 2012

Running up that Hill - Make a Deal with GOD

That is a song from the 80s, Kate Bush.

It wasn't hugely popular, but I heard it again at the closing ceremony of the Olympics last Sunday.

I knew the song when it was popular. The lyrics reflects frustration borne of an unhappy relationship and somehow trying too hard. Somehow by own efforts..running up that hill it could all be better AND making a deal with God would somehow help.

Not an uplifting song, certainly not a christian tune, but there are times in life when frustration results from not being able to run on their own ability. To think that nothing is going to happen. That a deal with God might get us out of our situation. We make the flawed assumption that there is an exit ramp just ahead and if we just run harder MAYBE ... we can make it.

You know that I hear JESUS in everything. I heard him clearly as that song came.

God HAS a deal for us, but HE dictates it, not us, In HIS mercy. Here's the deal He's Offering:
  • I'll Save you from your sins and you can do nothing to earn nor help it.
  • I will restore the locust eaten places in your life, but you must allow Me to do it in My time.
  • I have a plan, you can't know it before you start to walk it out, you would just mess it up, I'll tell you when you need to know.
  • I know everything past, present and future, and I already know how to work things out, you'll just have to trust me for this to work out.
  • IF you will become a flow of mercy, righteousness and generosity to others I will use you in becoming an earthly font of MY provision.
  • You enemies are MY enemies, they are a footstool, you can use the damage they inflict and attacks the provide as a way UP. Step up and don't look down. They are under your feet.
  • You can't get away from me, even if you try, I will be right there, closer than you imagine, NEVER LEAVING. Once you are in, you're in.
  • I will make everything that seems to be wrong in your life, right. I wrote a contract out on this. You can find it in My book. Romans 8.
  • My deal with you means we need to stay in touch. Talk to me. Keep me aware you know what is going on in your life. Let me hear your frustration. It helps frame those things that frustrate into positive action. It moves My hand to act. I love to hear your voice.
  • Don't worry about your apparent weakness, I knew all that when I made this deal with you. I'm strong enough for both of us. IN FACT if you knew who the other side of this deal really is, you would sleep very well. When you get a drift of how this is really working out, your natural reaction will be to praise Me, to worship Me, Thankfulness. It's OK, I like it, and the more you have that attitude, the more I will open things up for you. I'm not prone to put too much in the hands of those who resent My touch in their life or think THEY did it. So, go ahead. Tell me once more ... I love to hear your voice.
  • Be careful how you check out how our deal is going. Sometimes it might look like I'm not holding up my end. There an enemy that will tell you it's your fault. That I have reneged. There are those who will tell you that to get in on this deal you have to do this or that. That you must join this or submit to that. Did I not tell you in the beginning, you can do nothing except have faith that I will do what I said I will do.

But have no fear, I made sure that a written contract existed for you to review on our deal. It has case histories of others who took the deal and won. And some where they stumbled, but I held up My end of the deal. There's even a part where I signed the contract in Blood. It's long but worth reading. Has 66 books in it.

It's my COVENANT with you. Old and New. Before and after the blood.

You can live in's the greatest deal in the history of earth... the universe... EVER!!


The Creator of all the Universe --


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Anonymous said...

This is what I have needed to see and hear.