Sunday, April 22, 2012

Your Warden is Waiting

I am watching with my own eyes the consequences of what a lie bought by Christians and in particular christian leaders can do.

IF you buy into a little lie, a little misdirection, a little culturally acceptable but out of Line with God idea, you are opening a door to demonic influence and eventual rule. It happens faster and more insidiously than anyone can believe. IF you buy into a lie, you give permission to come and put you in bondage, as real as any chain could ever be.

Jesus came to bring truth..but the truth is too hard for most Christians to accept or live. So we buy the lie. The deception currently roaring thru the Body of Christ is amazing. What's worse, identifying the lie and the liars doesn't help. People never want to believe they have been deceived. "How could that be", They say, They get their praise on every Sunday and on Monday they willingly parrot the lies they are hearing.

It's only when they are finally in chains, locked up, broken down, then you can come to them and walk them out of the lies that put them in chains. It takes a Pig Pen experience to turn a Prodigal towards home. Lots of Prodigal Churches, Ministries, Pastors and Senior Leaders are headed for Pig Pen City. The wardens are waiting with chains and shackles. I would warn you of this, but you must have ears to hear. You don't.

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Anonymous said...

You can't escape whats truly on the inside-it always comes out