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Kim Clement: "A Season of Multiplication"

Kim ClementMarch 13, 2012 - From The Matrix:

I see God really doing something on behalf of Israel. I don't know if you know this, so I'll just mention this quickly: It's historical that in the month of March God favored Israel – and when God favored Israel, Israel's enemies would rise up and they'd literally put themselves in a very difficult position. This is what's happening right now. God is favoring Israel. Everybody watching me, say that word out loud – "Favor." Today we have a word from the Lord; that word is favor. I decree favor for you. I proclaim favor for you, not because I feel like doing it, but because we just heard from God, that He has decreed favor over Israel, favor over His Church, favor over His people.

I want to read to you what I read this morning: "I have commanded those I've prepared for battle. I have summoned My warriors to carry out My wrath, those who rejoice in My triumph." In other words, God said to me this morning when I was praying, "I have commanded those that I have prepared for battle." We're not only talking about a physical battle, we're talking about a spiritual battle right now – what's happening in Syria, Iran, and many parts of the world. You're going to see something erupt. God has summoned His warriors (that's you and I) to go out and pray so that you can carry out His judgment against those nations. Think about it. People are prophesying judgment against America, and there are people in America praying for judgment to take place to those who are coming against Israel and against America. Turn your finger somewhere else; point it somewhere else. Stop pointing it to the nation that is blessing the world, even though there is evil also in this nation.

I want to read what else He said to me this morning. I have the Scripture where I saw this: "Listen, a noise in the mountains like that of a great multitude. Listen, an uproar among the kingdoms like nations massing together. The Lord Almighty is mustering an army for war." I have a feeling that Israel is going to be going to war, and I have a feeling that God's going to fight for them very, very quickly. It's going to be suddenly.

He says this: "Terror will seize them." This is speaking about your enemies. "Pain and anguish will grip them. They will writhe like a woman in labor. They will look aghast at each other, their faces aflame. I will punish that part of the world for its evil, for the wicked and their sins, and I will put an end to the arrogance of the haughty and will humble the pride of the ruthless."

Elijah Brought the Rain to Israel After 3 1/2 Years of Drought

Do you realize that this "crisis" that we've been in has been approximately 3 1/2 years? It's coming to an end. I'm not contradicting anybody; I'm telling you what I hear. God has plans for America. God has plans for the West; He has plans for the nations of the earth, that His great Gospel would be seen, would be heard, would be tasted of throughout the earth, that His glory would cover the earth as the waters cover the sea, that the knowledge of the glory of God would cover the earth as the waters cover the sea.

I want you to hear what I have to say. I'm hearing many of your internal dialogues: "But, God, I'm hearing it's the end." If you're hearing that, then go with it, but what I'm telling you right now, He has one huge massive outpouring that is about to take place and you'd better be prepared for it! Just like when they came to Elisha and he said, "Even though you're in a valley." They came to Elisha and said, "We've run out of water; our livestock is dying, our soldiers are going to die." And Elisha said, "Go and prepare yourself and begin to dig ditches so that you can contain the water that is going to be coming to you." There wasn't even a trace of rain; there wasn't a cloud in the sky when they went to Elisha saying, "We are stuck. We are about to go into a battle. It's the end for us." Elisha said, "No, you must prepare yourself for an outpouring." So they began to dig big holes and ditches in the ground because the water was going to come, but it wasn't going to come from the sky. It was going to come from Edom. It was going to come from a region of Syria. Listen to what I'm saying to you right now.

God has spoken this before, that our enemies will yield to us what we need. This is a word from God. Please listen to me. Many of you are concerned. You say, "What's happening with Syria? Look at the mothers and the children dying." You know it's wicked. God is bringing it to an end, but there's a word I got years ago that America's enemies will yield to them and they will be prosperous. Their prosperity will not only come from their own soil in America but from their enemies. This is about to happen.

Elijah Went Into Depression After His Greatest Victory

Be strong; hear what I'm saying. We are entering into a whole dimension of multiplication. Say it! Multiplication. Just because you're not experiencing it now doesn't mean that you're not going to multiply. I give you that word. The womb – multiplication in the womb. Do you realize that there are more twins being born now than in the known history of mankind? I prophesied that when that happens, it is a sign of a double portion and it's a sign that God is paying back for the abortions, for the children that were taken. He said, "I'll multiply in the womb." Even in this building, even in this very building, my own staff – they'll see multiplication; they'll see twins in their wombs as well. Why? Because we have seen the enemy steal and kill and destroy, and God said, "We're entering into a season of multiplication." Therefore, if we are, the prophet himself and other prophetic voices have to battle the spirit of depression. In other words, the enemy will attack the voice – the voices – that speak of the future.

"Israel Is Forever": Making Declarations To Israel

March 17, 2012 - From The Den:

"My Kingdom is forever. What I created is forever. Israel is forever. My people are forever. There is eternity in your homes right now. There is eternity in your hearts. The words that I speak," says the Lord, "they are eternal, they are life. Today I will break the power of death; today I will break the power of death. Today I will come into your homes and your lives and I will give you My forever, My power, My light, My life, My peace, My love," says the Lord. Lift your voice and give Him praise!

"By a prophet I protected Israel. By My prophetic word, Israel was preserved. It has not changed. I sent My Word; My Word became flesh and dwelt amongst them. That Word is now being spoken out. The prophetic Word shall preserve Israel. For they shall laugh; there will be joy as I bring resources. There will be shouts from the warriors, and they will say, 'Our bloody boots and our bloody garments shall be used as fuel for the fire that shall consume our enemies.'" This is the word of the Lord to you, people of the Living God.

"You will have protection, supernatural intervention from the Lord Most High.

"For a moment," the Lord says, "I covered My face. For a moment I covered My face. For a moment I covered My face and turned. I was watching a lonely, rugged soul on a mountain – Calvary. I had turned away from My Son, from Israel, and then I received the sacrifice. Now, I watch over My people, the redeemed of the Lord, never to cover My face again. The veil has been torn; the veil has been rent. The veil has been torn. The veil is torn so that you could come in."

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