Thursday, April 26, 2012

Its Time for Another Mount Carmel Confrontation

The pattern is in 1 Kings 18:1-46

We are there again.

Three years of very difficult times. Economic drought. Government unable to do anything about it. Persecution. Corruption. False Religion. Worship of BAAL (prosperity) along with a nominal worship of the Living God.

The priests of BAAL have once again erected an altar on a high place. It's an abomination. It's dependance on other than the Living God. It's a false religion. Some is Government. Some is business. Some is simply people's willingness to be duped.

This has placed even serious Christians in a time of drought. They are starving, spiritually and physically.

Today, modern Elijahs are once again saying, it can rain again. We don't have to live like this.

The modern priests of BAAL will not go peaceably. The modern Jezebels and Ahabs are unwilling to be displaced without a struggle.

They have used lies and deception too long in order to remain on the throne of your life.

It's time for a confrontation that will result in the destruction of the Altars, in the consumption of our offering and in the elimination of all the priests.

Don't expect to be welcomed. They will say to you, "Is that YOU you troubler of Israel?" Israel in this case is the local church in which the BAAL altar is high. They will not be happy to see you.

That is a really hard truth, most of the high places, most of the Altars to BAAL are in the Churches of our city, our state, our nation.

They believe they are serving God, but they have a full altar to Baal in place.

This is what the worship of BAAL looked like in the looks a lot like the BAAL worship in our churches today.

It's time for the Altars of BAAL to come down...first in our churches. We will have to call down the fire of GOD to consume the whole thing and let none of the priests survive the FIRE to come. Let them repent and come back to the true and living GOD.

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Anonymous said...

It will take a supernatural work of God through the prophets of God; yet, even then the people still would not believe because of their hearts and what is there! * God is raising up a new generation of those who will love Him and obey His commands. * I'm ready for the David's to take Mount Zion! * Change is coming! ~ Joshobel