Thursday, April 5, 2012

Darkness and Light

In the last month I am seeing in the spirit a clear pattern. The darkness is deepening. Deception is growing. People are being lulled into complacency or stirred into action without cause. Even the very elect are being blinded.

This is not an indictment against those souls led astray, this is a defining of the assult of the darkness and what it will take to overcome.


When the light shines there is no darkness at all.
This is the message we heard from Jesus and now declare to you: God is light, and there is no darkness in Him at all. 1 John 1:5
Where sin (darkness) abounds, grace (Light) abounds more.
When the devil comes in, Like a FLOOD God raises up a standard (LIGHT) against him.

Hear the word of the Lord:
Don't accept all teaching as Light. There is a lot of teaching that is rich, deep and will lull you into believing you have light. When a sermon or a teaching becomes too "Deep" an alarm should go off in your spirit. Satan was DEEP when he tried to tempt Jesus in the wilderness. Teaching can offer light, but not all teaching is light. There are christian books and sermons that are pure darkness. Be careful who you listen to. Be careful who you accept. Darkness often comes disguised as an angel of light. Not everyone who says Lord Lord knows HIM.
Watch out for influences of the world that try to sway you. Your flesh and your mind will cause you to move away from the light. Light is not your flesh, not your emotions, not your reason. Those are in opposition to the light. If you are stirred in your flesh to anger it is darkness. Seek peace. It depends on you, not others.
Be unashamed to stand for righteousness. Don't allow the thorn in your own flesh, that messenger of satan, to convince you that you are disqualified to be used of God. Its a lie. You are NOT disqualified even if the tormenter accuses you. You have no righteousness in yourself. It's all a gift. It's all free. Stand against the darkness by running to the light. JESUS
The eye of the Spirit, the eye that Jesus used when he spoke truth to the Pharisees, to Peter, to Pilate, to Nathaniel (without guile) and to the rich young ruler is the same eye we all are given as we gain the mind of Christ. The anointed one and his anointing. We are not to be blinded by the god of this world. We are to walk in wisdom and discernment.
Look for the things that have deceived you in the past. Satan has no new schemes. He only recycles his old ones. He knows your weakness and if you fall for his schemes once, he will use them again against you. If you have been deceived, you can repent like Peter and come back to become used of God for greatness. If you fail to are committing spiritual suicide.

What might Judas have become if he had repented? He had greater testimony potential than Peter.

On this Maundy Thursday, this Mandate I offer.... Come to the true light of the light giver...JESUS...there is no other name that can provide light that destroys the darkness. I have had first hand experience with visible manifestations of demons. Not a person, an entity. Face to face. I testify to you the Light power in the Name of Jesus is huge. They FLEE and the light returns. I have seen this darkness demon before and he is back to try to take territory. It's time to be a light.

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