Saturday, April 28, 2012

On confusion regarding the difference between judging and discerning:: Shirley Carter

God give great discernment to His Servants, the prophets, even regarding the secret intents into the hearts of men. He also gives them authority to prophetically announce His judgments.

God's judgments are righteous, full of Mercy, wrapped in great love for those He judges and those He protects from the ones He judges. I'm afraid a Body who hasn't fully grasped this reality is ripe for great spiritual deception...It is His desire to have a spiritually alert, pure, and holy Bride ready for His Imminent Return. There is an acceleration in the Spirit that those behind the Veil have the privilege to see and mandate to proclaim - The Heart Of The Father...

God is sending prophets all over the world with the message of repentance to nations buried in purposeful sin. He reveals specific sins and warns of catastrophes unless they turn. These catastrophes occur as God has spoken. Should people rise up against these prophets, they will find themselves contending with God Himself! Time is over! The lack of the fear of God leads to lawlessness and God is awakening His People to Prepare The Way For The Coming of The Lord who desires none perish or be left behind!

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