Sunday, April 8, 2012

You are Risen, You are Risen Indeed - This is the day of YOUR Resurrection


You were dead. Cold stone dead. Locked behind a stony tomb of flesh. The real you. Not that carcass you drag around. At a funeral...the carcass you view isn't your loved one, it's an empty tomb. The real them is gone...somewhere.

You were once wrapped in grave clothes of sin. No hope. Filthy. Stinking. Dead and decaying.

You would remain there, dead, without hope EXCEPT...

Once, a day you may or may not remember, light came. It shined on you, you looked to it..and the stone over your heart rolled away. The demonic guards that were trying to keep you down were terrified at this sight.

There was a call from the Father to you-

ARISE MY LOVE... ARISE. Why you? Why not everyone? Here's were it gets complicated. There were lots of people in the tombs that Easter Morning. Not all arose. I could get Calvinist on this. I will leave that alone. There are a lot of people on the earth. The call is going out. Not all the dead are being raised to Glory.

I only know this, once I was dead in sin but now I'm alive.

YES, the accuser comes to show me the filth of my tomb. He comes to remind me of the fragments of grave clothes that still stick to me in places. He comes to accuse me of still stinking. He shows me old filth still staining. YET...I LIVE... I am Risen, Risen indeed.

Today IS Resurrection Day.. but not just for's YOUR RESURRECTION DAY...because he Live. Because you died and were buried with him, you are raised up with him.

Because you are clothed in righteousness your are pure before God and the accusations are empty.

We can say as the traditional greeting was...Christ is Risen...He is Risen Indeed...

What is even more amazing to me is, YOU ARE RISEN, YOU ARE RISEN Christ.


There is great JOY in your resurrection, now in your spirit and someday in your flesh.


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